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AFC - Association of Florida Colleges

Executive Board Officers

2018-2019 OFFICERS




 Evelyn Ward

President Elect



 Matt White


 Joc Calloway

  Past President

 Joc Calloway

2014-2015 COMMITTEES
 Audit   Sheila Mercer
 Shanda O'Bryan
 Community Service   Dr. Rachel West
 MacKenzie Johnson
 Concessions  Evelyn Ward
 Lillie Hamil
 Fund Raising   Leigh Ann Whittington
Clint Howell
 Kim Collins
 Legislative  Dr. Sarah Clemmons
 Luncheon   Kelly Lanier
Kristie Mosley
 Vikki Milton
 Membership   Paige Vanderwerf
 Nancy Chabot
 Terolyn Lay
 Stephanie Ward
 Amanda Clark
 Publications/Social Media/Website  Jennifer White
 Glenda Bethel
 Scholarship  Joc Calloway
 Dennis Everett
 Social   Stacey Hinson
 Angie White

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