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1.  When can I start Online courses?

Online courses are usually offered on a semester basis.  The fall semester begins in late August, the spring semester in January and the summer semester in May. 

2.  Are Online courses real college courses?

Online courses have the same course prefix and you will receive the same credit as other college courses.  You will register just as you would for any other Chipola College class, the instructor will grade your assignments, discussions, quizzes, tests, and will be available to you for help should you need it.

3.  What is the difference between Online courses and traditional courses?

Traditional courses require you to attend class at the campus.  Online courses will allow you to learn by interacting with your instructor, fellow students and other web sites via computer and the Internet.  You will still need a textbook, turn in assignments and take tests; however, you will have more flexibility with your schedule. Note: Online courses DO enforce due dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.

4.  How do I know if Online Classes are right for me?

Click the Characteristics of an Online Learner and answer the questions.

5.  What type of skills do I need to take an Online class? What equipment and software do I need to take an online course?

Click the Minimum Skill Requirements page which explains the computer skills necessary for online classes and the  Technology Requirements to find out what you will need to be successful in these courses.

6.  What courses are offered Online?

Click the Distance Learning Courses page for current Online course listings. 

7.  How often do I have to come to the Chipola campus?

You will need to visit the campus to register. You may also be require to complete tests and/or exams in a proctored environment. and with some courses to take your mid-term and final exams.   The requirements will be explained and identified in the course syllabus and/or first-day handout.

8.  How do I get my textbooks and other course materials?

Books and materials can be purchased through the Chipola Bookstore. Telephone 850-718-2258 or click to visit the Chipola Bookstore website.

9.  How do I take my exams?

Some instructors offer online testing, while others require a proctored environment.  Proctored exams may be taken in the college Testing Center  or at an approved proctor location.  Special forms/approval must be completed prior to testing in an off-site proctored environment.  See your instructor for details.

10.  How much does an Online course cost?

The cost is the same as for traditional classes on the Chipola campus.

11.  Can I take a combination of Online courses and on-campus courses at the same time?

Yes!  Since Online courses allow you to work on a flexible schedule, you can also take traditional classes. This may accelerate the progress you make in earning your degree.

12.  Is financial aid available?

For more information, contact the Financial Aid office at (850) 718-2366.  Click here to find out general information Financial Aid.   


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