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Ground Water Outreach Project


Econfina Creek

Project Co-Directors:

Dr. Santine Cuccio
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Dr. David Hilton

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Upcoming Events:  
Previous Events:
2010 - to Present Chipola Education students present lessons on the effects of pollution on ground water to 200 students at Walton Middle School in Defuniak Springs, FL.

Chipola College Science Department loans ground water quality equipment and 3-D model to area elementary, middle and high schools and to Emmanuel Christian School in Dothan, AL.

Chipola's Conservation Biology class enjoys field trips to Torreya State Park; Nature Conservancy Bluffs and Ravines Preserve; and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

Chipola's Earth Science class tours take a field trip to the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, FL.
July 2009 Chipola students Danny Rutherford and Debbie Yglesias presented at the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center on the three-dimensionality of the water cycle, with an emphasis on ground water.
May 2009 Began a summer-long professional development project with area secondary education science instructors.  The instructors learn to develop and implement a lesson plan, with rubrics related to content learning for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.  The project will be continued into the new 2010 contract.
June 2009 Established a partnership with Dr. Stephen Mbuyu and Dr. Katherine Milla of Florida A&M University, to develop and write a proposal for research on the watershed in the region.
October 2008 In October, Chipola professors Santine Cuccio, David Hilton and Allan Tidwell accompanied the Ground Water Team members (Lori Holland, Danny Rutherford, Debbie Yglesias and Kari Kind-Adams) to the 2008 conference of the Florida Association of Science Teachers (FAST) in Orlando.  The team will deliver a presentation and provide supplemental documentation.  See the links below:
PPT:  Longleaf Pine Study                                               PDF version
DOC: Diameter and Height Correlation, Teacher's Guide     PDF version
DOC: Student Data Sheet - Measuring Dowels                  PDF version
Summer of 2008 Chipola hosted a science-focused workshop, sponsored by the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC), for area teachers who teach science in Grades 3-12.  The workshop was mentored by Chipola professors Allan Tidwell, David Hilton, Santine Cuccio, June Mays and Virginia Baker and members of the Ground Water Outreach Project Team.  Read more about the teachers' learning experiences and adventures in the October 31 newsletter.
Old Timers Day
Date: May 3, 2008
Video Presentation
March 14-15, 2008 72nd Annual Meeting of the Florida Academy of Sciences in conjunction with the 85th Annual Meeting of the Georgia Academy of Sciences, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL

Teacher candidates, along with Dr. Santine Cuccio, will present a PowerPoint presentation entitled Ground Water Outreach: Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

February 2008

Carr Middle School Science Night

Teacher candidates present lab demonstrations to middle school students and their parents

February 2008

1st Math and Science Workshop, sponsored by Chipola College Future Educator's Club (FEC) in association with the Chipola College Teacher Education Department

Teacher candidates present lab demonstrations to current and prospective instructors

October 2007 Florida Association for Science Teachers (FAST) Conference - Dr. Santine Cuccio and Science Education students will participate in a presentation / workshop with FDEP LIFE Director Greg Ira.
September 2007 Chipola's Earth Science class tours Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, FL.  Instructor Allan Tidwell
May 2007 Professional Development training 29th - 30th with LIFE program; area middle and high school instructors participated in the curriculum and field study training. Managed by JV Mathis
April 2007 Partner project with Marianna High School chemistry students.  Instructor Whitney Cherry
February 2007 Project with Chipola College BS students.  Instructor Santine Cuccio
February 2007 Students in Chipola's Secondary Science Methods course tour Marianna's Water and Wastewater Facility.  Instructors Santine Cuccio and Allan Tidwell
February 2007 Chipola's Earth Science class tours Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, FL.  Instructors Allan Tidwell and Santine Cuccio
January 2007 Carr Middle School, Science Night.  Presentation by Allan Tidwell and Santine Cuccio
November 2006 Blountstown Elementary School, Science and Reading Night.  Presentation by Allan Tidwell and Santine Cuccio
October 2006 Partner project with Chipley High School science students.  Students implement a well water study of wells in Chipley, FL.  Instructor Caren Prichard with Dr. Stephen Shimmel and Dr. Santine Cuccio