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Chipola Area

Ground Water Outreach Project


Project Director:


           Econfina Creek

Dr. Santine Cuccio
850-526-2761 x. 2397  
Project Manager:  
JV Mathis
Web Administrator:  
Glenda Bethel

Five-District School Partners

Chipola College received funding for a Department of Environmental Protection grant, titled the Chipola Area Ground Water Outreach Project.  This project is designed to provide Chipola’s science students and Chipola’s pre-service science teachers with opportunities to engage in learning activities with middle and high school students, focusing on the value of ground water to all users.

This project will introduce ground water as a valuable resource to the Chipola College district students and communities in the counties of Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty and Washington.  Ground water is a valuable and immediate resource, which when misused has immediate repercussions for the land, animals, and residents of a region. 

Further, Learning in Florida’s Environment (LIFE) is an initiative to establish a series of field-based, environmental-science education programs around the state.  The initiative includes a focus on a) alignment with Florida Sunshine State standards, 2) emphasis on observation and inference as critical components of the scientific method, and 3) and integration of all subject areas by connecting field experiences with pre- and post-classroom lessons in addition to other guiding principles.

An educator group, consisting of middle and high school science instructors and Chipola's Science faculty and BS Science Education majors, will be developed.  This group will promote, develop and implement hands-on learning activities to understand ground water value and will disseminate information to our stakeholders.  Stakeholders consist of our children, who are long-term learners; college and young adults who are mid-term learners; and short term learners, who are adults in the community.


Contacts for consumer or business inquiries about well / water quality and septic tank issues:

Calhoun County Health Department       


Liberty County Health Department 850-643-2415

Holmes County Health Department        


Washington County Health Department 850-638-6260

Jackson County Health Department       




Chipola Area Ground Water Outreach Project

Vol. 1, Issue 1  February 21, 2007

Vol. 1, Issue 2  August 13, 2007

Vol. 2, Issue 1  May 17, 2008

Vol. 2, Issue 2  October 31, 2008

Vol. 3, Issue 1  Spring 2009 Edition

Vol. 3, Issue 2  Summer/Fall 2009 Edition

Vol. 4, Issue 1  Summer 2010 Edition