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Chipola Area

Ground Water Outreach Project


Econfina Creek

Project Co-Directors:


Dr. Santine Cuccio
850-526-2761 x. 2397



Dr. David Hilton

850-526-2761 x. 3331



Chipola Area Ground Water Outreach Project

Vol. 1, Issue 1  February 21, 2007

Vol. 1, Issue 2  August 13, 2007

Vol. 2, Issue 1  May 17, 2008

Vol. 2, Issue 2  October 31, 2008 


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  The Water Page: Water Conservation for Kids
(Link contributed by Mrs. Miller's class at Valley Charter School in northern California.)
  The Water Cycle for Kids
(Link contributed by Ms. Cromwell's class at in Colorado.)
Hacienda Hotel Reimagined (revitalizing a commmunity landmark)
  How to Conserve Water in the Bathroom
(Link contributed by Ms. Collins' Girl Scouts in Denver, CO. The Scouts used the links posted on this page as they worked on their Water Wonders badge.)
  How Does the Water Cycle Work?