WWII Exhibit Coming To Chipola

February 22, 2018

World War II and the Human Experience

Chipola College and Florida State University’s The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience are hosting a collaborative exhibit,“Artistic Expression through Conflict: The Use of Art in World War II.” The exhibit will open Tuesday, March 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Chipola Center for the Arts. The opening is in conjunction with the Chipola Artist Series event: TheYoung Irelanders at 7 p.m.

The free exhibit will include a short lecture by Dr. Kurt Piehler in the Experimental Theatre and a reception in the Art Gallery sponsored by Chipola College.

“Artistic Expression through Conflict: The Use of Art in World War II” focuses on the many artistic methods individuals used to tackle the circumstances of war. Contributors to this exhibit experienced the war on all fronts and likewise used all forms of art to document those experiences.Unlike letters and photographs, this art was not subject to the same censorship. These forms of art are significant then as they illustrate the complex and authentic emotions of the individual. While this exhibit is open to the general public, it will especially attract those interested in art and history.

American soldiers, foreign soldiers, and civilians created the items on display. The exhibit features items created by Peter Sanfilippo, Rolande Faucon, Mildred Shearer, USO performer Marguerite Jackson Fischer, and other notable artists. All of the artifacts were donated by their creators to the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at FSU.

Founded in 1997, the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience strives to preserve the photographs, letters, and artifacts of service members and their families. Since its founding, the institute has enabled thousands of veterans to preserve their legacies of service. Collections of primary resources total almost 7,000, and with the help of students and members of the Florida State community, the institute will continue to pursue its goal of promoting the study of the Second World War.

Individuals wishing to remain after the exhibit opening and attend the Artist Series event: The Young Irelanders will need to purchase a ticket at the Chipola Box Office. Contact the Box Office at 718-2420 or online at www.chipola.edu/boxoffice

The exhibit will be open weekdays March 13-April 18. The exhibit will temporarily close during Spring Break, March 19-23. Daily hours are Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m.-Noon. Admission is free.

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