Chipola College SSS will host Chipola College’s Annual College Transfer Day.

March 08, 2019

Chipola College Student Support Services (SSS) will host Chipola College’s Annual College Transfer Day on Wednesday, March 13th 8:45 am-12 noon in the Chipola Café’. Chipola students will be able to meet with various university recruiters from across the Southeast to explore transfer admission requirements and scholarship opportunities. College Transfer Day serves as an information experience for students who plan to continue their education beyond Chipola. Faculty are encouraged to bring their students to meet with university representatives from 18 regional universities who will assist graduating sophomores and perspective students on transfer requirements.

Additionally, Student Support Services (SSS) program will attend Transfer Day at Florida State University, Panama City campus on Saturday, March 9. This opportunity will provide students a chance to learn about the FSU-PC transfer admission process, academic programs, meet faculty and get their credit evaluated. SSS students must RSVP with Mrs. Maranda Weathers in the SSS Office by February 28.

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