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All students who receive a Florida teaching certificate must pass three tests:  General Knowledge, Professional Education, and a Subject Area Examination.  The General Knowledge and the Subject Area Examinations are given at the same time.  Therefore, you will need to reserve two different times to complete all three.  You could take the General Knowledge Test during your sophomore year.  If you pass all sections of this test, you can use it for admittance to the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSSE) Programs. 

These tests can be taken on the Chipola campus at scheduled times but you must register for these tests through the testing office at the University of South Florida.  The following website provides valuable information about these tests.

You may also pick up a registration brochure from the Testing Office in Building A on the Chipola campus.  It will provide information on the test registration dates and deadlines and the cost for each test.  It will also contain a registration form.   The Chipola site code is 36.  Chipola does not have a test report number. 

The Chipola Library has review materials that you may check out on each of the required tests. 

Online Practice Tests and Module Reviews.

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