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    Pictures from 2008-2009

  Last meeting....  Good Luck Sophomores...
  Marshall, Katie, Sam, Tommy (with Dr. Hilton)

   Sophomores getting their FCA Bibles                      Hugs all around

  Disorganization.......                                                     Organization....

  Just having fun


   2nd Annual Chariot Races!!!!  
   Speaker:  Pastor Bobby Marks


   Worship Leaders -- Flying Backwards (Psalms 139:14)
    Troy Blackmon, Michael Herrera, Andy Smith, Ross Ponder, and Chris Cable



   Eastside Youth Black-light presentation            Chariot Race Winners - Marianna High School

   Sneads High School Team

   Cottondale High School Team

   Speakers:  Rev. Riley Henderson                                 Sister Teresa

   Untie the knot (or just shaking hands)???

    iPod Dance Party!  Co-sponsored with Chi Alpha  -- Phil Crawford and David Hilton, Sponsors
  the Macarana                                                                Electric Slide
  Chicken Dance                                                              "Journey Air Band"
    YMCA                                                                       Cupid Shuffle

    Meeting Chasen before the concert                              Chasen "funny" pic
    FCA before the concert                                               Chasen -- Awesome concert!!!!

    Speaker -- Raymond Smith                                  Speaker -- Phillip Williams

    Watching funny videos after a meeting

    Pizza (again)                                                                Speaker -- Phil Crawford

    Game night -- playing spoons (with forks!)

    Speaker -- Jim Wells                                                         Speaker -- Keith Ward

  Dr. Hilton and Eastside Baptist Deacons prepare the meal
FCA members decorated and helped serve:






Katie, Sam, and Mallory lead Christmas Carols        Chipola Athletes' "Choir" huddle
   Chipola Athletes' "Choir" ....                                  .....and their Fearless Leader!!!

  Tailgating before the basketball game --- it was COLD!!!
                                                                                       Tucker was NOT prepared...
...but the food was good


Speaker -- Doug Hemannes

Speaker -- Dave Barkalow                                       Speaker -- Sean Aland, NW FL Area FCA Rep

Speaker -- Riley Henderson

    Speaker -- Bill Mayo



    Speaker -- Raymond Smith

    COOKOUT!!!   at the dorms....sponsored by Rev. Riley Henderson and St. Luke's
                                                        Missionary Baptist Church

    Praise and worship

 Speaker -- Trey Cook

    Making plans....
    Praise and worship:  Marshall                                sing, sing, sing....

    Hey, Bud, Look at that!!!                                        Stephanie and Lizzie

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