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Online Evaluations of Courses/Faculty

October 13-24, 2014
Your confidential feedback provides information on effective instructional practices and your instructional needs.

Instructions for Students

You will have an opportunity to complete an anonymous online evaluation of all your classes quickly at your convenience.  You can access the form below.  After semester grades are posted, your confidential feedback will provide information on instructional practices and your instructional needs.  Chipola’s administration and faculty appreciate your candid responses.


1.      After reading the following instructions, click on Course Evaluations at the bottom of this page

2.      Enter your Student ID (Social Security Number)

3.      Enter your PIN (click on “PIN Help” for example)

4.      Click on Verify PIN

5.      View the list of your current courses.

6.      Scroll to the course you want to evaluate.  Find the ACTION column and
   Click on the Drop Down menu and click on EVALUATE.

7.      Click on Submit at the bottom of the page.

8.      Complete the Survey and type in your comments

9.      Click on Submit Evaluation


After you complete the process, you will return to your course list and you can evaluate another course.   When course evaluations are completed, click on the Close Window or on Back to Student Records.  Do not forget to close the browser.


Thank you.  Click below to begin.

Course Evaluations

For assistance, contact the HelpDesk at (850) 718-2200 + press 1 + dial extension 4357 + press #.

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