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FERPA Training

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

What rights do parents have under FERPA?

  • FERPA gives certain rights to parents regarding their children’s educational records.
    • Rights transfer to the student
      • upon reaching 18 years of age or
      • attending any school beyond the secondary level.
  • When may a parent access a student’s educational records?
    • Law allows parental access if student is claimed as a dependent for Federal income tax purposes.
    • Access is granted to both the parent who claims the student as well as the parent who is not claiming the student.
    • Parent must produce a Federal Income Tax Return verifying the student as a dependent, and sign a Request By Parent or Guardian for Access to Student Records in the Admissions and Records Office.
    • Additional information may be obtained by contacting Admissions and  Records at (850) 718-2271.
  • Parent may have access if the student is willing to release information.
  • Student must complete a consent form in Admissions and Records each time information is to be released. 

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