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Confidentiality of Student Records



The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), commonly referred to as ďthe Buckley Amendment,Ē and Florida Statute 228.093 require Chipola College to maintain the confidentiality of all studentsí educational records. The college is not permitted to release any information from a studentís educational records without the studentís written consent. ALL requests for student information should be referred to Admissions and Records .

All information found within the collegeís online student information system is considered confidential information and may not be released. As you view student information, please take care that no student or outside party can view or have access to the information. Third party access to a studentís educational record without the studentís consent is a violation of the law.

If you need more information concerning confidentiality of student records, please contact Admissions and Records. Please remember to protect the privacy rights of all students.

If you wish to be granted access to Chipola Collegeís student record system, print and sign below. By signing this document you acknowledge you have completed the FERPA Tutorial online, read the information listed above, and agree to protect the privacy rights of our students.

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