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FERPA Training

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Tips on Managing Student Records

  • DO check with the Admissions and Records Office before disclosing any student educational record information to third parties outside the institution.

  • DO refer all subpoenas or IRS summons or other legal process requests for education records to the Admissions and Records Office.

  • DO obtain signed, written permission from the student before sharing educational record information, including grades and grade point averages, with parents or others outside the institution.  (Exception: a parent who provides the Admissions and Records Office a copy of his/her most recent federal income tax return or other evidence of the dependent status of the student may be given access to student record information.  Call Admissions and Records Office for verification.)

  • DO follow the confidentiality provisions of FERPA by not sharing educational records information with your colleagues unless a legitimate educational interest exists.

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