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Because the U.S. is an ethnically diverse country, Americans enjoy a variety of international dishes. Unless you do your own cooking, you can eat at a restaurant, cafeteria or fast food shop. Eating at a restaurant can be expensive, if nothing else because you are expected to tip 15-20% of the meal price. Fast food shops are the least expensive way of feeding yourself and, of course, one does not tip at a fast food shop.

Campus Dining

The Chipola College Cafeteria offers cooked meals, fast meal items, desserts, and salads. Prices vary, but most people can get a meal for less than US $4.00.  The cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch.


Listings for restaurants are available in the telephone directory and in local newspapers and magazines.  As a rule of thumb, a meal in many restaurants in Marianna will come to about US $10 or less, with drinks extra, plus 15-20% tip.

Fast Food

These are quick and inexpensive, and since the food preparation and handling are inspected regularly by government officials, they are quite safe. In Marianna, such chains as Burger King, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc. are widespread and conveniently located; they are open long hours and usually keep your food budget down. There is no tipping at fast food shops.

Food Shopping

Preparing your own food is the least expensive way of eating. Americans do not spend as much time shopping for food as do people of other lands. Supermarkets are the least expensive places to shop, offering all kinds of foods including meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, canned, pre-cooked, and frozen foods. They also sell household goods, drug items, toiletries, books and magazines. All supermarkets are open daily, including Sunday. Neighborhood or "convenience" grocery stores are also available, but are smaller and offer a more limited choice than supermarkets. Many are open longer than supermarkets, some even all night. Prices in these "convenience" stores are generally somewhat higher than supermarkets.

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