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Telephone Communication

Public Telephones

These are available in many places throughout Marianna. Local telephone calls cost US 50. After lifting the receiver, you must deposit US 50 in the appropriate slot in the telephone box. You may use two quarters; a quarter, two dimes and a nickel; five dives; or ten nickels. Listen for a dial tone after the coins drop, and then dial your number. For a local call, that's all you need to do. If the number you want happens to be long distance, after depositing the US 50, dial the operator for further instructions. The operator will also tell you the cost of the first three minutes of conversation, so you will need to have a lot of change with you (quarters, dimes and nickels) to insert in the box. If you go beyond the first three minutes, the operator will come on the line and tell you how much more to insert if you want to keep on talking.

Private Telephones

These are phones which people have in their homes. The basic monthly cost of these phones depends on the service you choose. Options include the distance, which you may call without extra charge, touch-tone rather than dial phone, etc. The telephone company representatives can explain these services to you when you apply for a phone to be installed in your home or apartment. In order to obtain a telephone, you should visit the local telephone company office. Addresses for these offices can be located in the telephone directory. To make local calls from your private phone, dial the seven-digit telephone number indicated in the telephone directory. For long distance calls, dial the area code and the seven-digit number. For long distance calls outside the area code, dial "1," the three-digit area code, then the seven-digit number.

Overseas Calls

Calls may be made directly to most countries. Rates vary from about US $4.00 to US $10.00 for the first three minutes. To make an overseas call, dial the international code (011), the country code, the city code and the local number. Check the telephone directory or call the operator for rates and codes. Telephone rates are LESS EXPENSIVE ON WEEKENDS AND AFTER CERTAIN HOURS ON WEEKDAYS, so you may want to consider this if you plan on making long distance calls. In addition to the white pages telephone directory, the telephone company puts out a directory called the yellow pages. The yellow pages lists phone numbers for businesses, services, etc. It is also useful for general information on telephone services. For further information on the use of the telephone and on services offered, check your telephone book or call the phone company. It is suggested to purchase pre-paid phone cards.

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