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Home of the 2007 National Champions
3 FSCAA / Region VIII Champions

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  • 2007 National Champions
  • 3 Time FSCAA/Region VIII Champions
  • 9 All-Americans
  • 8 Current MLB Players
  • 15 MLB Players All Time
  • 148 All-Time Draft Picks
  • 12 First Rd Picks
  • 60 Top 10 Rd Picks
  • 72 Top 15 Rd Picks


Jose Bautista
"Coach Johnson has and still has a great impact in my life. It began from the time I arrived in Marianna, Florida, at age 18 and continues today as I play for the Blue Jays in the Major Leagues. His contributions to my development and growth as a player and as a person have been so great that I consider him the individual that has had the greatest influence in me (after my parents). He has such a contagious love and passion for the game that, as a player, you can't help but to learn the game as much as he does. Having him as my coach, I learned how to play the game and respect it, but also how to play it the right way: The Winning Way. He also taught me about discipline and dedication and how to use them on and off the field so I can also become a better citizen and contributor to society. What impressed me the most while I played for him was his 'uncanny' ability to win baseball games. He knows how to run a baseball program period. From scouting and recruiting players to making sure his students go to study hall and keep their grades 'up', he is a true Baseball Coach. Through hard work and with perseverance he can turn a group of guys into a winning ballclub. He knows the game in-and-out and is a great observator. To this day, when I'm struggling at the plate, I call him and ask him to watch my 'at-bats' to see what needs to be fixed."
Russell Martin
Russell Martin
"Coach Johnson puts the well-being of his players before his own well-being. Coach Johnson also puts the extra-time in, both on and off the field with his players to see his kids become successful. I've had many coaches in my professional career so far, and Coach Johnson is the one I respect the most both professional and personally, because of his perseverance through both easy and difficult situations and the perseverance translated to me and also many of the players that played with me here at Chipola. Coach Johnson helped those guys and myself become successful at whatever our profession is."
"I grew up here at Chipola more than any other time in my life. I came to Chipola a boy and now consider myself a man ready to take on any adverse situation." "Not only did I improve my skills as a baseball player, I became a player with much confidence and more character as my time went on here at Chipola"
"Hard work here at Chipola has translated into my pro career, by making the long season feel easier to take on because of Coach Johnson's everlasting drive to get the most out of us as players and people."

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