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Veterans Administration Benefits

The College is certified by the Florida State Approving Agency for training under the various veterans' training laws.  The college's policies and procedures are applicable to all eligible students who make application for, and receive, V.A. Educational Assistance under Chapters 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 1606 and 1607  while enrolled in an approved program of study.  All degrees, certificates and courses offered by the college must be approved by the Florida State Approving Agency to allow payments to eligible students.  Eligible Veterans (students) planning to enroll at Chipola and wishing to receive VA benefits should consult with the Veterans Affairs Office well in advance of registering and complete an application for V.A.  educational benefits for initial certification.  The veteran assumes responsibility for all fees at registration.  However, veterans attending the College under Chapter 31 who have approval from the Veterans Admistration will have registration fees paid directly to the college by the federal government.  Veterans attending under Chapter 33, also known as Post-911 will have all or a percentage of tuition and fees paid based on their length of active duty service paid directly to the college by the federal government. 

Veterans (students) desiring information about benefits and requirements should contact Chipola College's Veterans Affairs Office at 850-718-2290 or the VA Regional Office at 1-800-827-1000.  Website -

        For VA purposes, training time is usually computed as follows:

       12 or more credit hours                                         Full time

         9 - 11 hours                                                       3/4 time

         6 - 8 hours                                                         1/2 time 

         1 - 5 hours                                                         Less than half time

For the summer term, training time is computed differently.  Veterans are advised to contact the VA office before registering.


Welcome to Chipola College. As a veteran, you are entitled to certain benefits, and are eligible to participate in certain programs. The following information should serve as a brief overview of these programs and your benefits, however, for additional information, please contact the Office of Veterans' Affairs in Building A, Room 114.



    An excellent way for veterans to use their education benefits is pursuing an approved course of study at an institute of higher learning. All programs of study must be approved by the State Approving Agency in order to be certified by DVA for payment of benefits. All degrees and most certificate programs at Chipola College are currently approved by the State Approving Agency.


    All prospective students must complete the appropriate application for admission to Chipola College. Transfer students must provide official transcripts from all institutions previously attended. High school graduates must provide an official transcript of their high school credits. Once acceptance to the College is granted, contact the Office of Veterans' Affairs to apply for benefits. The chapter under which you are filing will determine the documentation required by the DVA to certify your benefits (Form DD214, Chapter 1606 requires a 2384). All students must submit a curriculum guide which is obtained from a counselor in Student Services.


    A change of program is a change of objective which presumably requires a change in the courses required to attain the new objective. The revision of a program without a change of objective, but resulting in a loss of credit or in an extension of the time required to attain the objective, is also considered by the DVA to be a change of program. Benefit recipients are urged to plan their academic careers carefully.


    Veterans must attend classes regularly and continue to show satisfactory progress, according to the standards of measurable progress as stated in the Chipola College Catalog. Benefit payments may not be made for courses from which you withdraw unless mitigating circumstances exist.


    Counseling in career planning and advisement in course curriculum requirements is available from a counselor in the Student Services Building.


    As a student receiving Veterans' Educational Assistance, you are responsible for immediately notifying the Office of Veterans' Affairs of any changes in your degree or certificate program, or reduction in your credit or clock hours for any semester.


    Receiving veterans benefits does not necessarily prevent a student from receiving other forms of financial aid. Applications and assistance are available in the Financial Aid Office, which is located in the same building as Veterans' Affairs. In addition to the usual sources of financial aid, some children of deceased or disabled veterans who are residents of the State of Florida may qualify for various scholarships offered by the Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance.
    We request that you carefully read all the information contained in this brochure, because we want you to be aware that there are specific guidelines that you will be required to follow as you apply for, and receive, your educational assistance checks.
    We wish you success as you pursue your educational goals at Chipola College.


Questions about applying
for educational benefits
at Chipola College call Dan Sims
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Regional Office
St. Petersburg, FL
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Atlanta Office
Questions about the
State of Florida Scholarship for
children of Deceased and
Disabled Veterans'

For more information about the Veterans Program visit the
US Department of Veterans Affairs Web site                                              

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