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Visual Arts Scholarship Application

Chipola College Art and Robert F. & Elizabeth Adams Staley Memorial Art Scholarship Application


Applicant’s Name
Address City State Zip
E-mail Address
Telephone Cell Phone
Date of Birth
High School Awarding Diploma City State Zip
Principal's Name Number of Years in Arts Study
Name of Art teacher(s)
Special Art Awards or Shows
Personal Statement of Career Goals
and Committment to the Pursuit of a Degree in Art


Print a copy of this application for your records.  After submitting this application yaou should receive an automated response confirming

the receipt of the application.  Within two weeks you should receive an email with specific interview information.  If you do not receive

interview information within two weeks of your application, contact



  1. Portfolio of representative collection of art work
  2. Three letters of recommendation
  3. Recent photo

If I am selected as the recipient of an art scholarship, I hereby certify that I will pursue a course of study leading to a degree in art at Chipola College.


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