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Fine and Performing Arts


CRAA Scholarship 


Rotating Scholarship

Over $45,000 in scholarship monies have been awarded to deserving art, music, and theatre students at Chipola College. This CRAA sponsored award rotates every year between all five counties in the Chipola District: Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, and Washington counties.


1.     All candidates must be enrolled at Chipola College, be accepted for enrollment, or made application as a student by fall.

2.     All candidates must declare a major in music, theatre arts, or the visual arts.

3.     All candidates must have achieved a scholastic grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 (C) or better in high school and if applicable, college course work completed.

4.     Students will be selected from the five-county (Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, Washington) Chipola College District. The scholarship will be offered to each of the five counties in alphabetical order on a rotation basis.



1.     Submit a completed Scholarship Application form with a personal letter (see form for specific areas to be addressed).

2.     Furnish 3 letters of recommendation which address the candidate's talent, character, ability to follow-through, ability to work independently, and academic ability.

3.     Auditions/portfolio requirements:



Perform two pieces of contrasting style (you must supply your own accompanist or you may use a CD accompaniment if required).


Theatre Arts

Performance: Prepare an audition piece consisting of two monologues or two-character scenes. You must supply any accompaniment or media if necessary.

OR Technical Theatre: Bring a portfolio highlighting your experience.


Visual Arts:

Submit a representative collection of art work in various media which demonstrates

artistic talent and technical development to date.



      The selection committee will be comprised of:

         CRAA Scholarship Chairman

         Representative(s) from the Chipola faculty in one or more of the three art disciplines

         Representative from the County Office (optional)

         Director of Fine and Performing Arts at Chipola College



Application, letters of recommendations, and personal letter, (art portfolio for artists) should be submitted by the deadline date to:

      Fine and Performing Arts Department

      Chipola College

      3094 Indian Circle

      Marianna, FL 32446-2053


AUDITION DATE AND TIME will be scheduled upon receipt of the scholarship application.



A maximum of $1,500 ($750.00 per semester) will be awarded per academic year and will be disbursed through the college following normal college procedures. Financial need may be a consideration.

If a county does not have an applicant or if applicants do not pass audition requirements, the availability of the scholarship will be made to the next county in alphabetical order. The counties eligible will be: Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, and Washington.


CRAA Rotating Scholarship Application


Scholarships have been awarded to:


1993-1994       Beth Jones (Voice) Jackson County

1994-1995       Chad Bryan (Visual Arts) Holmes County

1995-1997       Andy Smith (Music) Jackson County

1997-1998       Matthew Barbee (Theatre) Calhoun County

1998-2000       Derrick Marshall (Visual Arts) Holmes County

1999-2001       Rick Hermann (Visual Arts) Jackson County

2000-2001       Mat Schmarje (Theatre) Calhoun County

2001-2002       Trey McGowan (Visual Arts) Holmes County

2001-2003       Kendrick White (Visual Arts) Washington County

2002-2004       Adam Moxley (Music) Jackson County

2004-2005       Leslie Owings (Art) Calhoun County

2005-2006       Natalie Defreese, (Art) Holmes County

2006-2008       Jessica Lawson (Theatre) Jackson County

2007-2008       David Worley (Music) Washington County

2008-2009       David Worley (Music) Washington County

2008-2009       Cuyler Engram, II (Music) Calhoun County

2009-2010       David Worley (Music) Washington County

2010-2011       Katelyn Bush (Art) Holmes County

2010-2011       Travis Powell (Music) Holmes County

2011-2012       Katelyn Bush (Art) Holmes County

2011-2012       Christin Wiggings (Theatre) Jackson County

2012-2013       Christian “Alex” Hanks (Music) Liberty County

2012-2013       Christin Wiggins (Theatre) Jackson County

2013-2014       Christian “Alex” Hanks (Music) Liberty County

2013-2014       Damion Potter   (Music)  Washington County




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