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Music - Keyboard



Chipola has piano curriculum open to all ability levels.  Professional instruction exists in a group learning environment or in individual private lessons.  From beginning students of all ages to advanced virtuosi, Chipola has realistic, challenging piano courses for everyone

Courses for piano study include the following:

  • Applied Piano for Keyboard Majors and Minors
  • Preparatory Piano (open to potential keyboard majors and minors, by audition only)
  • Class piano (open to all interested beginners)
  • Keyboard Theory 

General Education Humanities courses:

  • Music Skills (MUE 1290) for beginners
  • Fundamentals of Music (MUT 1001) for beginners

Opportunities for elementary and high school students include the following:

  • Music through Performance seminars
  • Recitals in supportive setting



Applied organ is available by consent of instructor and the department chair. 

Music Through Performance



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