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Show Choir Auditions Form
for 2013-2014

ShowChoir 2009-10
Show Choir 2009-10

Show Choir auditions set for April 15, 2014, 4:00 p.m., Chipola Center for the Arts

Full Name:
City State Zip
E-mail Address:
Telephone: Cell phone:
Date of Birth:
Hair: Eyes:
Voice Part: Soprano   Alto   Tenor   Baritone
College: Freshman   Sophomore   Other
Musical instruments you play proficiently: If you do not play proficiently, can you read music: Yes   No
List any previous singing, dancing, acting, experience:
High School Diploma 
Name of School Graduation Year
Address City State
Guidance Counselor
Colleges Attended:  (Name and Year)
Current GPA 
Are you employed now/will you need to work while at Chipola?

 Yes No

If "yes," will your employer be flexible with your working hours to allow for performances: Yes No
Have you applied for any type of Financial Aid? Yes No
If so, explain:  
Why do you want to be in the Show Choir?
If you audition into Show Choir you will be committing to both fall and spring semester.
Could you do so:
Yes No
List the vocal selection you wish to perform at audition: 


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