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Forestry S-130, S-190 Basic Wildland Fire Fighting

32 Clock Hours


These classes are designed to teach a firefighter how to function as a wildland firefighter.  The student learns how to safely work at a woods fire, how to predict what the fire is going to do and how to recognize and survive an On Scene Emergency.

S-130: Basic Wildland Fire Fighting

This Class is designated to show the firefighter how to:

  1. Maintain Safety in wildland fire fighting
  2. Manage tools, firing devices, and equipment in the field
  3. Suppress and control fire within a fire line
  4. Construct fire lines and control lines while maintaining safety
  5. Manage transportation and resource typing
  6. Deployment of fire shelters
  7. Hazardous and human factors on the fire ground

S-190: Fire Weather

This Class is designated to show the firefighter how to:

  1. Identify weather patterns as it relates to wildland fire fighting
  2. Shows the firefighter how to mitigate typography and fuels and learn how they directly affect large and small wildland fires


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