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Live Fire Training Instructor I

40 Clock Hours


To participate in the class the student must be a State Certified Firefighter II, must be a Firefighter I Instructor, and must bring Personal Protective Equipment (if the student does not have access to a SCBA, one can be provided).    

This class teaches the information that is required to pass the State Exam to be a Live Fire Training Instructor I. 

Some of the topics that are in this class are: Safety in conducting a live burn, NFPA 1402, NFPA 1403, How to plan and conduct burns at an acquired structure, How to conduct burns at a recognized burn structure, All laws pertaining to a burn, What agencies are required to be contacted to have a burn and case studies of fire burns that have gone wrong.  The student must actively participate in burns to show their abilities to lead a group and to work at an assigned function at the burn (i.e. Interior Safety Officer, Overall Safety Officer, Incident Commander, Rapid Intervention Team, etc.). 

Live Fire Training Instructor I Refresher

8 Clock Hours

This class is designed to inform the INSTRUCTOR of the lastest revision to their LFTI certification. 

This Class Includes:

  1. Requirements that must be met to recertify as an LFTI Instructor
  2. Review of case studies
  3. EMS issues
  4. Tricks of the trade
  5. Information on acquired structure preparation

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