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College related questions
COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

As much as possible we will continue to update the students, faculty and staff of what to expect from day to day.  Information will be set up under MyChipola with How to's and Frequestly Asked Questions.

In the meantime; if you have any questions for specific departments, you can contact them and they will answer back as soon as they can; just remember at this time the college is not working at full capacity to things will be a little slow.

To contact the departments:

Canvas Tutorials and Login information can be found under MyChipola - Quicklinks

For Canvas support:

  • Canvas Support Hotline for Chipola Faculty (toll-free number) 1-833-209-6114
  • Canvas Supposrt Hotline for Chipola Students (toll-fress number) 1-855-308-2812


Frequent Asked Question  (for pdf version click here)

Instructions on How to Use ACE @ Home    (for pdf version click here)

Detailed information about the remote operations of the


PERT can now be taken from home.  (for *.pdf instructions click here.)

CARES Act Disclosures (*.pdf)