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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Updated Thursday, June 18, 2020)


The Chipola College campus is closed but the college is operating virtually until further notice. Online (remote) instruction for all classes (face-to-face and online) will resume on March 30.
This list of questions and answers is to provide the latest information to help students finish the semester successfully and to provide guidance in moving forward virtually. Answers will be updated and questions added as needed, with the date of the change noted. Providing accurate information to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and campuses is our top priority.
For additional information, call (850) 526-2761 during the hours of 8:00 4:00 p.m. Employee and department phone numbers are listed here and at on the Corona link.

Is the College closed?

The Chipola College campus is closed but the college is operating virtually until further notice. Online (remote) instruction for all classes will resume on March 30.

How will this impact events held at CHIPOLA, including upcoming college events, musical events, athletic events, and community events using College facilities?

All student and campus activities are cancelled for this semester in accordance with the Governor’s Order and CDC guidelines. Likewise, the NJCAA cancelled all athletics for the semester. The College is cancelling all student and campus events for the remainder of the spring term, which ends May 6. The Spring Commencement Ceremony, planned for May 7, is cancelled. All Chipola athletic and Fine and Performing Arts events are cancelled until further notice.

How will I continue my face-to-face classes and my online classes?

All classes, regardless of instruction method are moved to online (remote). Faculty will shift to online (remote) instruction for all classes beginning March 30. Students should check College email and log into Canvas no later than March 30 to receive further details regarding how instruction and coursework will be delivered.

What about Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment students are expected to follow the same instructions provided to all students for continued participation in coursework in a shift to online (remote) instruction.
When the College shifts to remote instruction, effective March 30, dual enrollment courses taught in the high schools will also shift to online (remote).

What do I do if I do not have reliable access to internet?

Comcast/Xfinity, AT & T, T-Mobile and local cable, cell phone and internet providers may have public Wi-Fi hotspots open in your community. Visit their websites for information.
Students are encouraged to use free WiFi provided throughout the five-county district. WiFi will be available in the parking lot outside of the campus library as a last resort alternative. Students must remain in their cars to use the college Wi-Fi to practice social-distancing.

Can I continue to participate in my clinicals or site-based internships/student teaching?

Students should contact instructors to learn about the possibility of continued site-based instruction.

My class requires face-to-face meetings. Will Workforce Development and Career and Technical Education courses be cancelled?

Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Fire are suspended. Civil Engineering Technology and Engineering Technology will perform online as other credit hour programs.
Cosmetology, Welding, and Automotive will continue to engage students with knowledge elements online via Canvas and LMS systems, and make up the proficiencies/skills at a later date. Students should check their College email and Canvas courses for information specific to each class.

Is the Testing Center closed?

Yes. The Testing Center is currently closed. Contact the Testing Center to reschedule any exam for a later date by emailing
TEAS – Suspended until further notice.

  • The TEAS/HESI testing requirement has been waived for the RN AS admission application (Fall 2020). Please direct all inquiries regarding the RN admission process to the Health Sciences Department, 718-2316

Proctored Test – Suspended until the end of the Spring Semester.
PERT – Can now be taken from home.
Graduate Exit Exam – Suspended through August 13.

How can I take the PERT?

Chipola College is now offering remote PERT testing effective May 3. For those High school students wanting to pursue Dual Enrollment, please contact your guidance counselor to start the process. For all other prospective students, please go to the following link to schedule your test day. 

For instructions on How to Take the PERT from home, click here (*.pdf)

For any additional questions regarding signing up to take the PERT test please contact the Testing Center either by email or by phone.

Testing Center can be reached at 850-718-2207 or by email at 

I need help with Canvas. Who should I contact?

Students and Faculty can access toll-free Canvas Support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The toll free phone number, as well as chat support, can be accessed from the Help link on the left navigation bar in Canvas. Students are encouraged to contact Canvas support for help with accessing or submitting assignments, accessing video, creating video assignments, etc. Canvas Support cannot assist with login or password issues or problems associated with Respondus Lockdown Browser & Proctored Testing.

If you need help logging into Canvas, call the college HelpDesk at (850) 718-2300 M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. or email
More information is available at

Will I be paid as a work-study student during the closure?

Federal Work-study students will be paid according to Federal guidelines; however, checks may be issued later than normal. Non-Federal, hourly, OPS, Part-time workers will only be paid for hours worked. Students should contact financial aid with questions about their pay. Also, non Federal, OPS, part-time employees should contact their supervisor to determine if they are scheduled to work.

I have questions about my classes, registration degree or certificate program and want to speak to an advisor. How can I reach one?

The following advisers are available by phone and email:

Who do I contact if I have questions about the impact these changes have on my financial aid?

Beverly Hambright at  or phone (850) 718-2366.
    For more detailed Financial Aid information click here (*.pdf)

What about Chipola Foundation Scholarships and applications?

Foundation scholarship lists for the 2020-2021 school year are posted at under "Scholarships" and then under "Foundation". For questions, email or Provide a telephone number in the email so that we may return your call. Completed scholarship applications can either be mailed to: Chipola College Foundation, 3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL 32446, or may also be put in the secure drop box outside of the Foundation office front door. No staff will be available to help in person. Other scholarships that have directions to mail completed applications to off campus addresses should continue to be mailed to those locations.

McLendon Educational Trust Scholarships for applications submitted by the March 12 deadline for the summer semesters will be processed during the week of March 30 and contracts mailed out to students as soon as possible working with the limitations of staff working remotely.

Can I get a Foundation Scholarships Book Vouchers for Summer 1 A and B 2020 Semester?

If you have remaining scholarship dollars and want to use foundation scholarship funds toward your Summer A or B books, please send an email to
    For more detailed information about Foundation Scholarships book vouchers click here (*.pdf)

Can I get a Foundation Scholarships Book Vouchres for Summer  2 2020 Semester?

For classes beginning June 30, 2020

After your registration for Summer 2 semester and you confirm that your registration is charged to your scholarship on MyChipola, if you have remaining scholarship dollars and want to use foundation scholarship funds toward your Summer 2 books, please send an email to  by Monday, June 22 at 1 p.m. In the email, request that Foundation staff send a book voucher to the Chipola Bookstore electronically.

Chipola Foundation book vouchers will be available for use on the bookstore website beginning Tuesday, June 23, 2020 if you have sent in the email request to the Foundation by the June 22nd 1 p.m. deadline. Book voucher requests that come in after the initial deadline will be sent to the Bookstore, but expect a one-day delay in order for the information to appear on the bookstore website ordering site. Students can order books online through Barnes & Nobles at  as the bookstore on campus will not be open for walk-in customers.

If you have questions regarding this process you may email  or call the Foundation office, 850-718-2404.

What options do I have to send or receive my transcripts?

Transcript requests will only be available electronically or through mail until further notice.
Students requiring an official end of term transcript for the spring term should complete a transcript request by May 6. Request forms are available online at
For questions, call 850-718-2211 hours or visit
For questions, email

If I applied to graduate in the Spring Term, will I still receive my diploma/certificate?

Yes, we will evaluate all graduation candidates for Spring Term. Diplomas and certificates will be mailed to students after the end of the term.

What if I need help from the Chipola Library?

The college is closed for all in-person services until further notice.
All library services and academic support services can be accessed online. Students are encouraged to use these web-based support services during the shift to remote instruction to help with social distancing.
The College provides students with access to a host of electronic resources, online databases and eBooks. Visit The Library website at to find these resources and to connect virtually with library staff for support.

What if I need tutoring help from the Chipola ACE lab staff?

ACE (Academic Center for Excellence). All students are enrolled in a Canvas course entitled ACE. Student tutors will provide help and learning videos will be available for certain courses. Log in to Canvas and click on the ACE course. Email any questions you have and you will get a response within a reasonable time. For information, call (850) 718-2247.

Can I still withdraw or resign from Spring Semester classes?

Yes. Spring Term A Withdrawal deadline has been extended to April 6.
Spring Term A Resignation from all classes deadline has been extended to April 13.
To withdraw or resign students should email admissions at .
Be sure to include the following in the email:
1. Student Name and Student ID number
2. Course prefix, course number and section to withdraw from.
3. Students desiring to resign from all classes should include the course prefix, course number and course section for all classes.
4. Include a copy of driver’s license or student ID in the email
5. Financial Aid Questions regarding Withdrawals and Resignations should be directed to Beverly Hambright at
For Foundation Scholarships email or .

I have turned in my graduation application. Will I still graduate on time?

Yes. Students will have degrees conferred on their transcript the end of the term they complete their required coursework. Spring Term candidates will have degrees conferred on their transcripts on May 6, 2020. Diplomas will be mailed to the address listed on the Application for Diploma/Graduation within 3-4 weeks after degrees are conferred. If you are graduating during the Summer Term, your degree will be posted to your transcript and your diploma sent after all graduation requirements are met.

How will I register for summer courses?

Summer I (A and B) and Summer II registration has been postponed to April 13. Students may register online if they have a 2.0 GPA or higher, completed 12 hours or more and do not have holds on their account, or are not clock hour or dual enrolled. Student may contact an advisor through phone or email to register for courses. Deadline to pay for Summer I (A and B) classes is May 7.

How do I apply to the college?

Students apply to the college at

How do I check my application status?

Each week email updates are sent to applicants. The update is sent to the personal email address listed on the application. These emails inform the student if additional documentation is needed to complete the application process. Once all the documentation has been received, the student will receive an acceptance email with instructions for registration.

Students may also email

If I am having depression or anxiety due to the pandemic, what should I do?

Chipola College contracts with Bay Care, a mental health program operated by licensed counselors and therapists. Services are free to Chipola College students. Call the following number and you will be connected with one of these professionals.
The contact number for Bay Care is 1-(800)-878-5470.

How can I contact the Business Office - Student Accounts/Cashier for payments?

Students should email the Business Office at with any questions or concerns about their student account balance, tuition charges or payments. Though email is the preferred method of contact, voicemails may be left at 850-718-2220 or 850-718-2215. Please include student name, student ID number, and a call back number or email address. Business Office staff will attempt to respond to all email and phone inquiries by the next business day.
Students should check their Chipola College student email account for important messages and notices from the Business Office regarding their student account.

    Bookstore phone number: (850)718-2258
   For more detailed Business Office information click here (*.pdf)

How can I contact the Bookstore?

In an effort to eliminate and/or reduce exposure to the coronavirus, the bookstore is operating online exclusively.

    For more detailed information about the Bookstore and book vouchers, click here (*.pdf)

How to return a rented book?

Go to the Bookstore website for Rental Book instructions.

Will Workforce programs operate during the summer terms?

Workforce programs are tentatively scheduled to be offered during Summer Term C, which begins on June 30. This includes all public service programs (law enforcement, fire fighting, and corrections), cosmetology, automotive, and welding. Further guidance on the college’s tentative schedule will be forthcoming as the term nears.

Will all summer sessions be offered through virtual instruction?

Summer Term A, which runs from May 11 – August 10, will operate through virtual instruction.
Summer Term B, which runs from May 11 – June 22, will operate through virtual instruction.
Summer Term C, which runs from June 30 – August 10, will operate through virtual instruction with the exception of courses that have lab components. Tentatively, the labs will be offered face-to-face in small groups. A final decision on the tentative scheduling of the labs will made as Term C nears.

If I have questions not addressed here, whom do I contact?

For additional information, please call (850) 526-2761 during normal business hours.
Employee and department phone numbers are available at on the Corona link.

What is the CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students, and will I receive an award?

Chipola College applied for and received funding from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, of which $604 thousand is designated for the College to award in the form of emergency financial aid grants to students.  These student aid grants are being administered by the College’s Office of Financial Aid based on student eligibility guidance from the US Department of Education.  This guidance requires those students receiving the emergency financial aid grants to be eligible to participate in federal aid programs under Section 484 of the Higher Education Act.  Eligibility is verified through students’ federal financial aid application (FAFSA) for the 2019-2020 academic year.  The College has already made some disbursements, and more are forthcoming. 

Students can view all financial aid awards by logging in to myChipola at

For more detailed information on CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid Grants click here (*.pdf)


Will the College Open for Fall Classes?

Letter from Dr. Rentz (*.pdf)

Students can view all financial aid awards by logging in to myChipola at

For more detailed information on CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid Grants click here (*.pdf)