The Basic Corrections program prepares students for employment as correctional officers and provides supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation. To acquire a certificate, candidates must successfully complete all of the courses listed and pass a state examination.

Basic Corrections classes are open enrollment. Once a perspective student has completed all entry requirements, he/she will be accepted into class.   The class will meet from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.   Students must complete all the course work below in the required time frame and pass an F.D.L.E. examination in order to seek employment as a Correctional Officer. A $100 Assessment Center fee will be charged to all students.

For requirements for Basic Recruit Training Class go to the Selection Center.

Correctional Officer Course of Study

Law Enforcement
CJK 0270 Legal I 46
CJK 0285 Legal II 22
CJK 0286 Communications 42
CJK 0100 Interpersonal Skills I 62
CJK 0551 Defensive Tactics 80
CJK 0040 Firearms 80
CJK 0031 Medical First Responder 40
CJK 0101 Interpersonal Skills II 50
CJK 0480 Emergency Preparedness 26
CJK 0102 Operations 64
CJK 0280 Physical Fitness Training 40
  TOTAL 552 
A processing fee of $10 for 225 clock hours or less and $20 for more than 225 clock hours will be assessed to all students each semester.

Specialized Training

Advanced/Career Development Courses


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