Cross-Over Corrections to Law Enforcement

Persons who have received their certificates in Basic Corrections may also become certified in Basic Law Enforcement by completing the following course of study.

Estimated cost of the academy is approximately $1,320.00 and may be paid as each block of instruction is presented. Alabama and Georgia residents pay NO out of state tuition. Basic Academy requirements apply for participation in this program. Length of course is 457 hours.  Certification of completion is issued at the end of the academy.

Passing of the State Law Enforcement Examination qualifies one as a certified Peace Officer in the State of Florida. 


CJK 0221 Intro/Legal 47
CJK 0222 Communications 56
CJK 0223 Human Issues 32
CJK 0076 Crime Scene Investigation 24
CJK 0020 Vehicle Operations 48
CJK 0212 CMS High Liability   8
CJK 0082 Traffic Stops 24
CJK 0083 DUI Traffic Stops 24
CJK 0086 Traffic Crash Investigations 32
CJK 0061 Patrol I 58
CJK 0062 Patrol II 40
CJK 0071 Criminal Investigation 56
CJK 0422 Dart Firing Stun Gun   8
  Total 457

For further information, call Steve Anderson (850)718-2479; e-mail  or FAX requests (850)718-2497.


Specialized Training

Advanced/Career Development Courses

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