TO:                         Basic Fire Fighting Applicant

 FROM:                   Martin Fowler, Minimum Standards Coordinator

 SUBJECT:              Basic Fire Fighting Classes

 DATE:                    February 18, 2010


Basic Firefighting Academy DAY CLASS offerings:

        1.    JULY, 2010 through NOVERMER,2010.

        2.    JANUARY, 2011 through MAY, 2011.

These classes meet Monday thru Thursday from 8 am. to 4:30 pm.(CST)

Basic Fire Academy NIGHT CLASS offerings:

        1.    January, 2011, through JULY, 2011.

This class will meet Monday thru Thursday from 5 pm to 10 pm.(CST).

These classes consist of a minimum of 450 clock hours and contains both the FIREFIGHTER I & FIREFIGHTER II curriculum.  All classes are in compliance with the new curriculum that went into effect October 1, 2009. This New curriculum has removed the 40 hour First Responder section and made it a prerequisite for Firefighter I. If the student is certified in the state of Florida as an EMT/B, EMT/P, FIREFIGHTER I, or has already taken the First Responder class through a qualified instructor, the student has met this prerequisite. If the student does not have one of these certification, a First Responder Class will be offered just prior to the beginning of each class. 

In order to be considered for the Firefighter I & II class, the student must meet the minimum qualifications for Fire Standards and Training as established by the Florida State Fire Marshall and qualify to be a student at Chipola College.

 You must submit

1.                    A completed Chipola College Application

 2.                    A completed Applicant's Information Sheet

 3.                    A copy of your birth certificate, drivers license, social security card and high school diploma.

 4.                    A passing score on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) of 10.0 in reading, math and

              language.  This test is offered here at Chipola College.  Please call Martin Fowler at (850) 718-2483 for more information.

All documents should be completed and returned as soon as possible.  Exceptions are made for the TABE test.  You may turn in your application without this test, but you should take this test as soon as possible.  There is a cap of 24 students for this classes.  The sooner your application is received, the better your chance of attending class.

For more information call Martin Fowler (850) 718-2483: e-mail


Steve Anderson (850) 718-2479: e-mail


The Center for Public Service at (850) 718-2394.

Mail packet to:    Chipola College
                           Fire Science Department
                           Attn: Martin Fowler
                           3094 Indian Circle
                           Marianna, Fl 32446-2053