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The Basic Recruit Training Program at Chipola College is designed to be a disciplined program. The objective of this discipline is to train the students to operate efficiently while under pressure. The students will be expected to develop and demonstrate, by their conduct, the seriousness of their intentions to pursue a career in a Criminal Justice field.

The instructors will observe and evaluate the student's behavior and progress in the program. The level of discipline training must be such that a high degree of physical and mental pressure is applied to the student without affecting the individual's dignity and initiative.

State Officer Certification Programs

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)   Corrections

     tball.gif (1653 bytes)     Firefighting

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)     Law Enforcement

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)     Cross-Over Law Enforcement to Corrections

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)     Cross-Over Corrections to Law Enforcement

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)     Selection Center

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)     In-State Officer Equivalency

    tball.gif (1653 bytes)     Out-of-State Officer Equivalency


Specialized/Advanced Training


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