Computer Electronics Technology
Course Description


Computer Systems Technology I & II

End User Support Technician
.  An in-depth study of personal computer software and operating systems, as well as intallation and troubleshooting.  (420 Clock Hours)

Employability Skills and Entrepreneurship Core:  The course provides the student with skills required to choose an occupation, locate and apply for a job, maintain a good relationship with supervisors and co-workers, and develop good work habits.  The course also provides foundation concepts related to entrepreneurship.  (30 Clock Hours)

PC Electronics Installer.  A study of basic laboratory practices including OSHA safety standards, proper use of hand and power tools, soldering and de-soldering procedures, and ESD safety procedures.  A study of math and science concepts including volume, weight, area and circumference, fractions, decimals, formulas, temperature relationships, tolerance, taxes and wages, and invoices. A study of electronic fundamentals including electronic units, sources of electricity, Ohm's law, AC voltages, and test equipment.  (150 Clock Hours)

Computer Support Specialist.  This course is designed to familiarize students with hardware and peripheral equipment associated with computers.  Areas covered are computer system teardown, inspection and repair, system upgrades using replacement motherboards, memory, expansion cards, storage devices, networking, printers, and imaging devices.  (300 Clock Hours)

Field Service Technician.  The student will be able to define interface standards, use files systems on a server, identify networking levels and protocols and troubleshoot network systems, demonstrate knowledge of communication test equipment, cable and LAN topology, hubs, switches and routers.  (300 Clock Hours)

Digital Electronics Technician.  This course will allow the student to install and configure advance operating systems.  Students will be able to describe and explain directory services, secure file systems, printer, and resource sharing, use utilities in troubleshooting a TCP/IP network and use TCP/IP application protocols and services, DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, and LDAP.  (450 Clock Hours)

Special Topics in Computer Systems Technology: This is a special course centering on current topics or special interests to meet the needs of the community. (Various Clock Hours)



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