Applied Welding Technology 
Course Of Study

 Cooking Eggs

Course Code

Course Title

ENC 1101

Communications Skills I

FOS 2201C

Food Service Sanitation and Safety

FSS 1002C

Introduction to Hospitality

FSS 1202C

Basic Food Preparation

FSS 1246C

Food Specialty Baking I

SLS 1101


HFT 2840C

Dining Room Operations

FSS 2224C

Advanced Food Preparation

FSS 1105

Food Purchasing

FSS 2380

Culinary Management Practicum I

HUN 1201

Elements of Nutrition



FSS 1248C

Food Specialty Garde Manger

FSS 2240C

Food Specialties: World Cuisine

HFT 2264C

Banquet and Convention Management

HFT 1213C

Food Service Supervision

SPC 2600

Effective Public Speaking

FSS 2382L

Culinary Management Practicum II

FSS 2247L

Food Specialties IV: Pastry Specialties

FSS 2381

Culinary Management Practicum II

HFT 1860

Beverage Management

SYG 1000

Introduction to Sociology




Non-credit college-prep reading, writing, and/or math courses may also be required, depending on placement test scores. Some prerequisite course work may be necessary to enter some course work. Students have an option of taking a math or science in pursuing the Associate of Science Degree. The student can use Music Appreciation, Music Skills, Modern Dramatic Literature, Introduction to Theatre, or any art course to meet the humanities requirement. Contact an advisor for more details at 718-2397; or go to
Student Services.


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