Chipola This Week

May 8 - May 14, 2020
Chipola President’s Medallion Winners
Chipola President Dr. Sarah Clemmons congratulates members of the Class of 2020 who won the President’s Medallion for earning a perfect 4.0 GPA during their time at Chipola. Winners include: Anna Gillis of Blountstown, Jacob Weaver of Marianna, Jennifer English of Sneads, Leisha Craven of Chattahoochee, Lila Taylor of Chipley, Madeline Wright of Grand Ridge, Mary Beth Brown of Hosford, Mason Young of Marianna, Mikayla Lewin of Marianna, Natalie Sims of Marianna, Valerie Sims of Marianna, Richard Brunner of Marianna, Shauni Hooper of Bonifay, Sheridan Padgett of Marianna, Tamarique Jones of Marianna and Bethany Mixon of Cottonwood.
Chipola Class of 2020 Honors Designation
Chipola President Dr. Sarah Clemmons congratulates members of the Class of 2020 who graduated with honors. The following list is organized by degree type in alphabetical order.

Associate in Arts Degrees
Riley Arunakul - Magna Cum Laude
Brianna Bailey - Honor Student
Holley Bailey - Cum Laude
Mallory Barber - Summa Cum Laude
Carlee Barfield - Honor Student
Marissa Baxter - Magna Cum Laude
Leanna Bell - Honor Student
Mallory Bell - Summa Cum Laude
Breeanna Bennett - Summa Cum Laude
Robert Bennett - Magna Cum Laude
Andrew Bizaillion - Magna Cum Laude
Rebekah Blanchette - Honor Student
Danny Bouton - Cum Laude
Dylan Bragg - Magna Cum Laude
Cassie Brown - Cum Laude
Hannah Brown - Summa Cum Laude
Mary Beth Brown - Summa Cum Laude
Joshua Bruner - Magna Cum Laude
Matthew Bruner - Summa Cum Laude
Richard Brunner - Summa Cum Laude
Donnaluz Bush - Honor Student
Hannah Byram - Summa Cum Laude
Brittany Cade - Honor Student
Jenna Cartwright - Honor Student
Jacob Chabot - Cum Laude
Zachary Chorn - Cum Laude
Selena Cobb-Jaramillo - Cum Laude
Kaci Compton - Magna Cum Laude
Tilly Conrad - Cum Laude
Addie Cook - Magna Cum Laude
Caleb Cooley - Honor Student
Natalie Cornwell - Honor Student
Leisha Craven - Summa Cum Laude
Morgan Dale - Magna Cum Laude
Dak Tung Darbyshire - Cum Laude
Lyndon Davis - Honor Student
Selena Davis - Honor Student
Murphy Doelman - Cum Laude
Shelley Dryden - Honor Student
Madison Ealum - Magna Cum Laude
Jennifer English - Summa Cum Laude
Aliya Everett - Honor Student
Cameron Faircloth - Cum Laude
Kristen Fender - Honor Student
Bailey Fenn - Magna Cum Laude
Victor Fisher - Cum Laude
Alexis Fritz - Cum Laude
James Gainer - Cum Laude
Abante Gardner - Honor Student
Anna Gillis - Summa Cum Laude
Ronak Gocool - Magna Cum Laude
Madelyn Goodson - Honor Student
Sydnee Goodson - Magna Cum Laude
Lanie Hambright - Honor Student
Kennedy Harris - Cum Laude
Mary Haser - Magna Cum Laude
Haley Helms - Cum Laude
Sarah Hewett - Cum Laude
Shauni Hooper - Summa Cum Laude
Duncan Hosford - Summa Cum Laude
Savanah Hougland - Magna Cum Laude
Paisley Howell - Honor Student
Victoria Hunter - Cum Laude
Alyson James - Honor Student
Sydney Jansen - Cum Laude
Devon Jernigan - Summa Cum Laude
Morgan Johnson - Summa Cum Laude
Tamarique Jones - Summa Cum Laude
Caroline King - Honor Student
Kodie King - Magna Cum Laude
Mikayla Lewin - Summa Cum Laude
Jenny Liffick - Cum Laude
Tammie Lijbers - Summa Cum Laude
Derik Lipford - Cum Laude
Zachary Malone - Honor Student
Bradley Manning - Honor Student
Nicholas Marrero - Honor Student
Cassidy McDaniel - Honor Student
Sierra McNeil - Honor Student
Gabrielle Melvin - Summa Cum Laude
Jonah Mercer - Magna Cum Laude
Alexander Monteagudo - Cum Laude
Catherine Monteagudo - Summa Cum Laude
Kyle Morgan - Cum Laude
Amberly Moseley - Magna Cum Laude
Jade Mullinax - Cum Laude
Heather Nelson - Cum Laude
Hannah Newsome - Magna Cum Laude
Madison O'Pry - Honor Student
Kayla Odom - Cum Laude
Sheridan Padgett - Summa Cum Laude
Sydney Ramos - Cum Laude
Arielle Rhodes - Honor Student
Katie Robbirds - Honor Student
Jozsef Rohrbacher - Magna Cum Laude
Corey Rosier - Honor Student
Maggalina Russ - Honor Student
Hannah Sansom - Honor Student
Miranda Sapp - Honor Student
Weston Schrock - Summa Cum Laude
Fawnette Sellers - Cum Laude
ShanaRay Sheffield - Honor Student
Emily Shelby - Honor Student
Amanda Shields - Magna Cum Laude
Alicia Simpson - Honor Student
Natalie Sims - Summa Cum Laude
Valerie Sims - Summa Cum Laude
Caitlyn Smith - Magna Cum Laude
Kirsten Smith - Cum Laude
Sheryl Smith - Magna Cum Laude
Ma'Kaelin Sneads - Cum Laude
Samantha Snell - Magna Cum Laude
Carlos Staley - Magna Cum Laude
Fallon Standland - Honor Student
Heather Stephens - Magna Cum Laude
Victoria Steverson - Honor Student
John Stone - Honor Student
Lila Taylor - Summa Cum Laude
Mackenzie Thompson - Honor Student
Daniel Tillman - Magna Cum Laude
Joshua Tindall - Honor Student
Leah Tucker - Magna Cum Laude
Madison Vallandingham - Cum Laude
Demetreious Walston - Cum Laude
Jacob Weaver - Summa Cum Laude
James Weber - Cum Laude
Autumn Wells - Magna Cum Laude
Olivia Wester - Cum Laude
Sabry White - Cum Laude
Aliyah Wilburn - Magna Cum Laude
Ally Williams - Magna Cum Laude
Mary Williams - Magna Cum Laude
Madeline Wright - Summa Cum Laude
Joshua Wynn - Cum Laude
Michael Wyrick - Honor Student
Mason Young - Summa Cum Laude
Associate in Science Degrees
James Alford - Honor Student
Amber Baxley - Honor Student
Bikim Biyombo - Honor Student
Abigail Bridges - Honor Student
Emily Brown - Cum Laude
Melissa Brown - Cum Laude
Jenna Cartwright - Honor Student
Caroline Dykes - Honor Student
Cheikh Faye - Honor Student
Marsha Furr - Honor Student
Kennedy Harris - Cum Laude
Thomas Hutchison - Honor Student
Melissa Loper - Cum Laude
Loba Lorng - Honor Student
Paul Mathews - Cum Laude
Cheyenne Mayo - Cum Laude
Cameron Moore - Cum Laude
Leticia Omori - Magna Cum Laude
Sarah Ratis - Honor Student
Amy Roberts - Magna Cum Laude
Hannah Sansom - Honor Student
Samantha Snell - Magna Cum Laude
Emily Stone - Honor Student
Bachelor of Science Degrees
Richard Adkison - Honor Student
Amanda Applewhite - Cum Laude
Benjamin Bridges - Honor Student
Chloe Bruner - Cum Laude
Mason Carnley - Cum Laude
Baylee Childs - Honor Student
Timothy Clair - Magna Cum Laude
Bon Clarke - Cum Laude
Steven Clevenger - Honor Student
Joanie Fox - Magna Cum Laude
Brian Gay - Cum Laude
Sarah Hall - Honor Student
Jessica Hallmon - Honor Student
Taylor Harper - Honor Student
Melody Holt - Summa Cum Laude
Madison Kincaid - Magna Cum Laude
Payton Kirkland - Summa Cum Laude
Kacy Lawson - Cum Laude
Taylor McDaniel - Honor Student
Bethany Mixon - Summa Cum Laude
Ryann Moore - Cum Laude
Allison Myers - Magna Cum Laude
Jordan Newman - Honor Student
Latisha Opfermann - Honor Student
Chelsey Pettis - Cum Laude
Wendy Sheffield - Magna Cum Laude
William Singleton - Magna Cum Laude
Savannah Sizemore - Honor Student
MacKenzie Smith - Magna Cum Laude
Denise Spracklen - Magna Cum Laude
Wesley Stephens - Honor Student
Diana Stone - Cum Laude
Thomas Strohecker - Honor Student
Jacob Sumner - Cum Laude
Jessica Thomas - Magna Cum Laude
Cassidy Trammell - Summa Cum Laude
Cierra White - Cum Laude
Eli Whitehead - Honor Student
Garrett Williams - Honor Student
College Credit Certificates
Cameron Hand - Magna Cum Laude
Thomas Hutchison - Honor Student
Paul Mathews - Cum Laude
April McDaniel - Summa Cum Laude
Danny Morehead - Summa Cum Laude
Brett Nofziger - Summa Cum Laude
Cameron Hand - Magna Cum Laude
Jahn Sanchez-Velez - Summa Cum Laude
Workforce Development Certificates
Joshua Baker - With Distinction
Adrien Brown - With Distinction
Davis Bush - With Distinction
Mitchell Chandler - Cum Laude
Jonathan Cloud - With Distinction
Joseph Dunaway - With Distinction
Sarah Giddens - With Distinction
Christopher Harrington - With Distinction
Jasmine Henderson - Summa Cum Laude
Dustin Hostetter - With Distinction
Matthew Ingram - With Distinction
Everett Johnson - With Distinction
Hope McClelland - With Distinction
Angelia McDonald - With Distinction
Liam McDonald - With Distinction
William Miller - With Distinction
Zachary Neel - With Distinction
Larissa Penello - With Distinction
Lance Peterson - With Distinction
Charles Rash - With Distinction
Hannah Renfroe-Alejos - With Distinction
Samantha Schwendeman - With Distinction
Kimberly Shores - With Distinction
Edward Sigrest - With Distinction
Chelsey Smith - With Distinction
Matthew Wakefield - Cum Laude
Jonathan Ward - With Distinction
Grace Waters - With Distinction
Chipola Class Of 2020 Graduates
           Some 442 students were eligible for graduation at Chipola College at the end of the spring semester.  
            Counted as members of the class are all who completed their degrees or vocational certificates from December of ‘19 to May of ‘20 or who will complete work at Chipola during the summer of ‘20.
            The class includes the following, listed according to type of degree and hometown:

Bachelor of Science Degrees

            Alford—Joanie Fox, William Singleton, Eli Whitehead.
            Altha— Melody Holt,  Kristy Therrien.       
            Bascom—  Wesley Stephens.
            Blountstown—Allison Myers.
            Bonifay—Sara Coe, Charles Dinkins, Kacy Lawson, MacKenzie Smith, Jessica Thomas.
            Bristol—Thomas Strohecker.
            Chipley—Richard Adkison, Lexi Brasher, Rebecca Day, Cheyenne Fenwick, Denise
            Clarksville—Sarah Hall.
            Cottondale—Taylor McDaniel, Wendy Sheffield.
            Graceville—Brooke McIntosh.
            Grand Ridge—Baylee Childs, Brian Gay.
            Greenwood— Jordan Moore.
            Hosford— Cierra White.
            Malone— Destiny Croft.
            Marianna— Amanda Applewhite, Benjamin Bridges, Chloe Bruner, Timothy Clair, Steven Clevenger, Portia Dobbins, Amber Johnson, Madison Kincaid, Keionna Mitchell, Jordan Newman, Latisha Opfermann, Chelsey Pettis, Savannah Sizemore, Elizabeth Watson, Garrett Williams.
            Sneads— Melissa Pintado.
            Westville— Mason Carnley, Jacob Sumner, Cassidy Trammell.
            Out-of-District— Taylor Harper, Ashford, Ala.; Rhonda Bass, Bethany Mixon, Cottonwood, Ala.; Diana Stone Crawfordville; Jasmine Gurin, Payton Kirkland, Dothan, Ala.; Lacy Mooneyham, Gordon, Ala.; Dennis Foster, Miami; Brittany Stafford, Monticello; Ryann Moore, Quincy; Bon Clarke, Tallahassee; Jessica Hallmon, Youngstown.


Associate in Arts Degrees

            Alford— Andrew Bizaillion, Rebekah Blanchette, Lyndon Davis, Joshua Tindall.
            Altha— Devan Adkins, Seth Alday, Breeanna Bennett, Cameron Faircloth, Summer Hill,
Jenny Liffick, Amberly Moseley, Destiny Payne.
            Bascom— Phillip Barbee, Kyle Morgan.
            Blountstown— Carlee Barfield, Hannah Brown, Chelsee Cook-McGee, Aliya Everett,
Katelyn Harris, Jherico Jones, Marissa Lewis, Scott Ludlow, Ashley Lytle, Manuel Martinez, Carli Money, Autumn Pyles, John Richards, Weston Schrock, Sabry White, Destiny Williams, Mary Williams, Michael Wyrick, Anna Gillis.
            Bonifay— Donnaluz Bush, Caleb Cooley, Madison Ealum, William Gould, Haley Helms, Shauni Hooper, Paisley Howell, Kodie King, Heather Nelson, Megan Rhinerson, Fawnette Sellers, Emily Shelby, Victoria Steverson, Matthew Thomley, Madison Vallandingham.
            Bristol— Jessica Creamer, Sara Jacobs, Cassidy McDaniel, Hannah Sansom, Mary Steverson.
            Campbellton— Brandon Pittman.
            Chipley— Nathan Adkison, Heather Anderson, Kari Barfield, Danny Bouton, Dylan Bragg, Joshua Bruner, Brittany Cade, Kaci Compton, Addie Cook, Selena Davis, Tony Dodd, Kaylee Finch, Victor Fisher, Alexis Fritz, Lanie Hambright, Kaylee Jeffries, Kaliegh Laurel, Juliann Padgett, Hannah Sellers, Caitlyn Smith, Fallon Standland, Heather Stephens, Lila Taylor, Jared Waldrip, James Weber, Autumn Wells, Jessica Wells, Jamison York.
             Clarksville— Sheryl Smith.
Cottondale— Lilly Ball, Jenna Cartwright, Cameron Gray, Kennedy Harris, Christian
Hogue, Garrett Kent, Baylen McClenny, Arielle Rhodes, Kylee Rhodes, Amanda Shields, Mackenzie Thompson.
            Graceville— Leanna Bell, Mallory Bell, Taylor Birge, Coyyar Brooks, Mary Haser, Kristina Hayes, Briana Henderson, Caroline King, William Kolmetz, Jordon May, Zalexious Slack, Samantha Snell, Jachob Strickland, Christavious Works.
            Grand Ridge— Marissa Baxter, Tilly Conrad, Karissa Cooper, Dak Tung Darbyshire, Mackenzie Davis, Haley Dime, Ashton Faria, James Gainer, Madelyn Goodson, Deana Griffin, Judith Johnson, Alexander Monteagudo, Catherine Monteagudo, Jade Mullinax, Madison O'Pry, Hillary Oliver, Sydney Ramos, Katie Robbirds, John Stone, Olivia Wester, Madeline Wright.
            Greenwood— Cassie Brown, Racquel Dunston, Kristen Fender, Tamarique Jones, Autumn Pittman, Amanda Whitten.
Hosford— Angel Banks, Mary Beth Brown, Duncan Hosford.
Kinard— Holley Bailey.
            Malone— Alyssa Cross, Joshua Degagne, Murphy Doelman, Bradley Manning, Devontay McGriff.
            Marianna— Riley Arunakul, Alliyah Baker, Marquis Baker, Mallory Barber, Matthew Bruner, Richard Brunner, Rebekah Callahan, Jacob Chabot, David Cobb, Selena Cobb-Jaramillo, Natalie Cornwell, Jarrod Daniels, Donald Dowling, Shelley Dryden, Kaesha Ephriam, Bailey Fenn, Abante Gardner, Kiera Garrett, Ronak Gocool, Angelica Godwin, Sydnee Goodson, Kaylee Helms, Sarah Hewett, Thomas Hoff, Jada Holden, Braden Hunter, Janasia Hunter, Victoria Hunter, Alyson James, Sydney Jansen, Devon Jernigan, Morgan Johnson, Trina Johnson, Deja Jones, Colin Kish, Mikayla Lewin, Alyssa Lewis, Derik Lipford, Zachary Malone, Shelby Mathis, Taylor McKay, Gabrielle Melvin, Jonah Mercer, Hannah Newsome, Nyasia Nix, Lacey O'Neal, Sheridan Padgett, Bansri Patel, Jay Phelps, Madison Powell, Freddy Pruett, Abigail Rushing, Maggalina Russ, Miranda Sapp, Joseph Sims, Natalie Sims, Valerie Sims, Jodi Smith, Carlos Staley, Hailey Sullivan, Daniel Tillman, Leah Tucker, Brolin VanHuss, Jacob Weaver, TyAnna White, Aliyah Wilburn, Rebecca Williams, Joshua Wynn, Mason Young.
            Ponce De Leon— Savanah Hougland.
            Sneads— Jennifer English, Taylor Green, Sierra McNeil, Mikayla Rabon, Alicia Simpson, Ma'Kaelin Sneads, Ceria Thomas.
            Vernon— Karmin Compton, Morgan Dale, ShanaRay Sheffield, Demetreious Walston,  
            Out-of-District— Melanie Collins, Apalachicola; Leisha Craven, Stanislas James, Darius Raines, Kirsten Smith Chattahoochee; Mahaliyah Sandridge, Chickamauga, Ga.; Madison Fennell, Jordan Locke, Stephanie Sawyer, Dothan, Ala.; Rachel Johnson, Eufaula, Ala.; Franklin Moore, Flovilla, Ga.; Kitumaini Croyance, Goma; Tara Johnson, Kaniela Rhymes, Gordon, Ala.; Ally Williams, Havana; Kayla Odom, Jacksonville; Robert Bennett, Lilburn, Ga.; Thais Uyema Kanashir, Lima, Peru; Nicholas Marrero, Oldsmar; Isaiah Byars, Orange Park; Ariel Cummings, Ottawa Hills, OH; Beau Harden, Pace; Hannah Byram, Michael Cullen, Panama City; Amber King, Erika Timmons, Quincy; Tammie Lijbers, Schiedam, Netherlands; Zachary Chorn, Slocomb, Ala.; Matthew Rentz, Jozsef Rohrbacher, Tallahassee.; Corey Rosier, Waldorf, Md.; Brianna Bailey, Wewahitchka; Andrew Keene, Christopher Williams, Woodstock, Ga.     

Associate in Science Degrees
            Alford— Crystal Marshall.
            Altha— Thomas Hutchison, Sarah Ratis. 
            Blountstown— Ashlea Allsop, Heather Brackins, Mackenzie Eubanks.
            Bonifay— Cheyenne Mayo, Cameron Moore. 
            Bristol— Hannelore Green, Hannah Sansom, LeAnne Smith.
            Campbellton— Mara Cole.
            Chipley— Abigail Bridges, Melissa Brown, Kaylee Finch, Kaylee Jeffries, Aleya Louderback, Crystal Wedderburn. 
            Cottondale— James Alford, Jenna Cartwright, Kennedy Harris.
            Graceville— Samantha Snell.
            Grand Ridge— Anna Branch, Ashlyn Goodson, Shelby Johnson, Alexanderia Maphis, Isabelle Wester.
            Greenwood— Amber Baxley, Kayla Dunaway.
            Marianna— Jamie Barwick, James Baxley, Rebekah Callahan, Robin DeShazo, Cassandra Edwards, Marsha Furr, Joshua Harris, Tezlyn Henry, Amy Roberts, Emily Stone, Emily Worrell.
            Sneads— Amanda Chance, April Kinard, Melissa Loper, Megan Owens, Mikayla Rabon, Ceria Thomas, Amanda Wilkes.
            Vernon— Alyssa Curlee, Katia Roche.
            Out-of-District— Samantha Rabon, Lousham Travis, Chattahoochee; Lat Mayen, Australia;  Leticia Omori, Curitiba, Brazil; Emily Brown, Donalsonville, Ga.; Jabraun Martin-Shingler, Glenarden, Md.; Elizabeth Moore, Gordon, Ala.; Penny Donaghy, Lynn Haven; Caroline Dykes, Sierra Graham, Kayla Parrish, Panama City; Loba Lorng, Paris, France; Kayla Jefferson, Port St. Joe;  Paul Mathews, Quincy; Marial Pan Mading, Springfield, Mass.; David Pierce, St. Petersburg; Daniel Cerda, Statesboro, Ga.; Ashleigh Giugliano, Jamie Releford, Tallahassee; Cheikh Faye, Thies, Senegal;  Malik Zachery, Warners, N.Y.; Kimberly Jones, Kaitlin Taylor, Wewahitchka;  Bikim Biyombo, Congo;  Nicholas Hanson, Youngstown.  
Workforce Development Certificates

            Alford— Larissa Penello, Grace Waters.
            Altha— Hannah Renfroe-Alejos.
            Bascom— Mitchell Chandler, Zachary Neel, Chelsey Smith.
            Bonifay— Davis Bush, Jonathan Cloud, Randi Sellers, Jonathan Ward.
            Bristol— William Miller, Samantha Schwendeman.
            Chipley— Christopher Harrington.
            Graceville— Matthew Wakefield.
            Grand Ridge— Hope McClelland, Angelia McDonald, Liam McDonald.
            Marianna— Joshua Baker, Adrien Brown, Jasmine Henderson, Matthew Ingram, Everett Johnson, Lance Peterson, Charles Rash, Kimberly Shores, Edward Sigrest.
            Out-of-District— Sarah Giddens, Dustin Hostetter, Quincy; Joseph Dunaway, Tallahassee.
College Credit Certificates
            Alford— Carla McCormick.
            Altha— Thomas Hutchison, John Sewell.
            Bascom— Danny Morehead.
            Cottondale— Shawn Hill.
            Graceville— April McDaniel, Logan Smith.
            Grand Ridge— James Thompson.
            Greenwood— Kenyott Brown.
            Kinard— Kaylee Rich.
            Marianna— Kevin Gutierrez, Jahn Sanchez-Velez.            
            Sneads— Jared Robinson, Kin Sheffield.
            Vernon— Alexander Brock.
            Out-of-District— Cameron Hand, Bainbridge, Ga.; Caleb Harper, Gage Martini, Crawfordville; Brett Nofziger, Defuniak Springs; Paul Mathews, Quincy; Lousham Travis, Chattahoochee.
Brown Added to Chipola Wall of Honor
Recent Chipola College graduate Mary Beth Brown of Hosford recently was named a Coca-Cola Gold Scholar and a Guistwhite Scholar by Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges.
The $1,500 Coca-Cola Gold scholarship was awarded to only 50 students from 2,000 applicants nation-wide. The $5,000 Guistwhite Scholarship was awarded to only 15 applicants from 3,400 applications. 
Brown was the 2018 Valedictorian of Liberty County high school. She was vice-president of her class and the lead officer of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She was cheerleader for four years and cheer captain two years. She was on the track team for four years. 
At Chipola, Brown maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. She was a member of the Honors program, Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, Student Science Association, Pre-Med Society, Student Government Association, and Student Ambassadors. She was president of Student Ambassadors and Mu Alpha Theta and vice president of PTK and Student Science Association. She was awarded the 2019 Calculus I award. She was a member of the Chipola women’s cross country team. She also was a sophomore homecoming attendant.
Brown led two major community service projects through Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society: “Christmas in August” and “A Page for Change.”
“Christmas in August” was conducted for residents of the Chipola Health and Rehabilitation Center in Marianna. She collected 60 gift bags for the center's residents which included a puzzle, blanket, fuzzy socks, and lotion. Students personally delivered the gifts to each resident. She also led PTK students in participating in the center's exercise class.
“A Page for Change” project promoted childhood literacy on a local and global scale. In September 2019, Brown organized a book drive for children in Africa. She addressed the Literature/Language department, Honors Society, and local libraries to promote the book drive. More than 150 books were collected and shipped to students in Africa. She also read Christmas stories to kindergarten students at W.R Tolar School. She discussed with the children the importance of reading and being kind. Each child was presented two Sesame Street books that discussed manners, being a friend and taking turns. 
Of her time at Chipola Brown says, "My two years at Chipola have been nothing short of amazing. Chipola has spoiled me with its hometown-atmosphere and the close-knit family that accompanied my enrollment. I am so thankful for every professor who taught me in these two years. Their constant friendly demeanors demonstrated that they truly love their jobs and care about their students. I have thoroughly enjoyed the organizations I was involved in, and the friendships I made. There is no doubt that I would not have had such a special and unforgettable experience at any other college. I am going to deeply miss Chipola's staff and my peers, but I will forever be grateful for the family and memories Chipola College gave me."
Brown is transferring to FSU in the fall, where she will major in Communication Science and Disorders in hopes of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is the daughter of Doyle and Beth Brown of Hosford, Florida.
Register Now For Chipola Summer Classes
There is still time to enroll in Summer I and II classes at Chipola College. Registration will continue through May 11, with late registration May 11-13.

Summer I classes begin May 11. Summer II classes begin June 30. All classes will be offered online. The campus is closed, but all student services will be provided remotely via phone or email.
Students may register online or contact one of the advisers listed here: Karen Hall, Dual Enrollment, general advising, or 718-2424; Ken Kallies, VA, General Advising,  or 718-2437; Leigh Whittington, Disability, Nursing, General Advising, or 718-2290; Ashley Harvey, Student Support Services; and Kristie Mosley, Student Support Services

The college Application for Admission is available online at
There are several steps in the application process: (1) complete the college Application or call 718-2311 for assistance; (2) request a high school or college transcript be sent to Admission and Records; and (3) take the College Placement Test (non-exempt students); call 718-2284 for assistance.  
Chipola offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Associate in Arts Degrees, Associate in Science Degrees and Workforce Development programs and certifications. 
The schedule of classes is available online at For information, call 526-2761.
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Chipola College campus is closed but the college is operating virtually until further notice. Online (remote) instruction for all classes (face-to-face and online) will resume on March 30.

This list of questions and answers is to provide the latest information to help students finish the semester successfully and to provide guidance in moving forward virtually. Answers will be updated and questions added as needed, with the date of the change noted. Providing accurate information to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and campuses is our top priority.

For additional information, call (850) 526-2761 during the hours of 8:00 4:00 p.m. Employee and department phone numbers are listed here and at on the Corona link.

-Employees Directory
-Offices Directory

Is the College closed?
The Chipola College campus is closed but.....

How will this impact events held at CHIPOLA, including upcoming
college events, musical events, athletic events, and community
events using College facilities?

All student and campus activities are cancelled for this semester......

How will I continue my face-to-face classes and my online classes?
All classes, regardless of instruction method are moved to online

What about Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment students are expected to follow the same
instructions provided to all students......

What do I do if I do not have reliable access to internet?
Comcast/Xfinity, AT & T, T-Mobile and local cable, cell phone and
internet providers may have public Wi-Fi hotspots open in.....

Can I continue to participate in my clinicals or site-based
internships/student teaching?

Students should contact instructors to learn about the possibility

My class requires face-to-face meetings. Will Workforce
Development and Career and Technical Education courses be

Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Fire are suspended. Civil
Engineering Technology and Engineering Technology will......

Will Workforce programs operate during the summer terms?
Workforce programs are tentatively scheduled to be offered during
Summer Term C, which......

Will all summer sessions be offered through virtual instruction?
Summer Term A, which runs from May 11 – August 10, will operate

Is the Testing Center closed?
Yes. The Testing Center is currently closed. Contact the Testing
Center to......

I need help with Canvas. Who should I contact?
Students and Faculty can access toll-free Canvas Support 24 hours a
day 7 days a week......

Will I be paid as a work-study student during the closure?
Federal Work-study students will be paid according to Federal
guidelines; however......

I have questions about my classes, registration degree or certificate
program and want to speak to an advisor. How can I reach one?

The following advisers are available by phone and email.....

Who do I contact if I have questions about the impact these changes
have on my financial aid?

Beverly Hambright at or phone (850) 718-

What about Chipola Foundation Scholarships and applications?
Foundation scholarship lists for the 2020-2021 school year are posted
at under.....

What options do I have to send or receive my transcripts?
Transcript requests will only be available electronically or......

If I applied to graduate in the Spring Term, will I still receive my

Yes, we will evaluate all graduation candidates for Spring Term.
Diplomas and certificates will be......

What if I need help from the Chipola Library?
The college is closed for all in-person services until further notice......

What if I need tutoring help from the Chipola ACE lab staff?
ACE (Academic Center for Excellence). All students are enrolled in a
Canvas course entitled ACE. Student tutors will ......

Can I still withdraw or resign from Spring Semester classes?
Yes. Spring Term A Withdrawal deadline has been extended to.....

I have turned in my graduation application. Will I still graduate on time?
Yes. Students will have degrees conferred on their transcript.......

How will I register for summer courses?
Summer I (A and B) and Summer II registration has been
postponed to......

How do I apply to the college?
Students apply to the college at

If I am having depression or anxiety due to the pandemic, what
should I do?

Chipola College contracts with Bay Care, a mental health program
operated by.......

If I have questions not addressed here, whom do I contact?
For additional information, please call (850) 526-2761 during
normal business hours......

How can I contact the Business Office - Student Accounts/Cashier for payments? 
Students should email the Business Office at with any questions or.......


How can I contact the Bookstore?
In an effort to eliminate and/or reduce exposure to the coronavirus, the bookstore is operating online exclusively. For more detailed.......

Will Workforce programs operate during the summer terms?

Workforce programs are tentatively scheduled to be offered during Summer Term C, which begins on June 30. This includes all......

Will all summer sessions be offered through virtual instruction?
Summer Term A, which runs from May 11 – August 10, will operate......

If I have questions not addressed here, whom do I contact?
For additional information, please call (850) 526-2761 during normal business hours.
Employee and department phone numbers are available at on the Corona link.
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