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Graduation Questions and Answers

(B.S., A.A., A.S., and College Certificate Programs)

How do I find out if I can graduate?

See your adviser or a counselor in Student Services for a graduation check.

Do I have to apply for graduation?

Yes, degrees are not automatically posted.

When do I apply for graduation?

Application deadlines are listed on the Application for Diploma.

However, all students marching in the Commencement Ceremony in May must apply by March 1.

Application Deadlines

Fall - November 1
Spring - March 1
Summer I - June 1 except for students marching in the Commencement Ceremony
Summer II - July 1 except for students marching in the Commencement Ceremony

Students applying for a B.S. degree must complete the Application for Diploma during the first month of the term prior to your graduation term.

Failure to apply by the deadline may affect your graduation term and could result in the delay of your degree and diploma. If applying for more than one degree, submit a separate application for each degree.

What if I check a certain term but don't finish all the requirements by the end that term?

The Admissions and Records Office will hold your Application for Diploma for one semester. If at the end of that next term you have not notified them that you have completed the graduation requirements, your application will be voided. You will need to complete a new Application for Diploma.

I do not want to march, but I do want my name listed in the program and the local newspapers.
Fall, Spring, and Summer graduates who apply by March 1 will be listed.

When will my graduation be posted on my transcripts?

If all graduation requirements have been completed and an Application for Diploma submitted, then your degree will be posted on the last day of the term and will appear on your transcript.

Students are responsible for requesting final transcripts denoting graduation to be sent at the end of the semester to the universities.

When will I get my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 2-3 weeks after the end of the term.

Last revised February 08, 2017

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