3.0 Comprehensive Standards

3.2   Governance and Administration
        3.2.1   CEO Evaluation/Selection
        3.2.2   Governing Board Control
          Institution's Mission
          Fiscal Stability
          Related Foundations
        3.2.3   Board Conflict of Interest
        3.2.4   External Influence
        3.2.5   Board Dismissal
        3.2.6   Board/Administration Distinction
        3.2.7   Organizational Structure 
        3.2.8   Qualified Administrative/Academic
        3.2.9   Faculty/Staff Appointment
        3.2.10 Administrative Staff Evaluations
        3.2.11 Control of Intercollegiate Athletics
        3.2.12 Fund-raising Activities 
        3.2.13 Institution-related Foundations
        3.2.14 Intellectual Property Rights   
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