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Dr. Jeff Bodart

Science Instructor


Dr. Jeff Bodart


Dr. Jeff Bodart has taught physics and astronomy at Chipola for 11 years. His other professional experience includes three years as a graduate teaching assistant and a brief time as an adjunct professor at Santa Fe Community College. He has taught all Chipola’s physics courses and labs (calc-based and trig-based sections), Physics with Calculus Lab, Physical Science, and General Astronomy,   


Dr.Bodart’s research interests include a wide range of topics, including nanoscience, low temperature physics, and NMR of materials. He earned a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Washington University—St. Louis, an MA in Physics from Washington University—St. Louis, a BS in Physics from the University of Missouri—St. Louis, and was a post-doctoral associate for two years at the University of Florida. His dissertation (1993) was titled Deuteron Magnetic Resonance of Amorphous Semiconducting Films.