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Welcome to the Chipola College Pool!

Pool Season Information

Pool is closed as of October 10th for the 2019 season and will reopen in May 2020.


Passes are sold throughout the summer.  Please visit the season pass information page for details.  

Swim lessons have been scheduled!
Visit the swimming courses site for course information.  Click here to register.

$4.00 per person, children under 12 must be supervised by parent or legal guardian.

Chipola Pool also requires non-swimmers to be within arms reach of parent or guardian at all times.

Season Pass Information

   Entry Fee $4 Per Person
    Season Pass
$65 Individual Pass
$100 Family of 3
$120 Family of 4
Add $10 per additional member

Season passes will be sold from April 1 throughout the duration of the summer and are good for all leisure pool hours of the May-September season.

For the sale of season passes, the family is defined as the legally related family unit (usually the mother, father, and dependent children of a marriage).  If there are any questions about the family unit, they should be directed to the pool manager, Rance Massengill.

The season pass is non-transferable, and the money for the pass is non-refundable.  Pass holders must show their pass at the pool gate when entering the pool area.  Additional identification may be required at the gate.  Pool passes are good for all swimming hours and may be purchased at the window from the pool manager.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Lifeguard Training:

The American Red Cross Lifeguard class certifies students as lifeguards for two years.  This class also includes certification for CPR for the Professional Rescuer.  This class teaches students how to recognize and respond to emergencies related to water safety.  Successful completion of this course ensures lifeguard certification; however, it does not guarantee summer employment as a lifeguard.
Students should come prepared to swim and should bring clothes to wear on the pool deck.  (The swimming pool is an outdoor pool and can be cold at night.)  An extra set of clothing is recommended for changing into for classroom sessions.


Course Information:

Course Fee:  $200 per student


The course has the following prerequisites: students must be at least 15 years old, in good physical condition, able to swim 500 yards without stopping, able to swim freestyle, breast stroke, sidestroke, able to retrieve a 10lb. brick from 7ft. water, and able to tread water without hands for two minutes.  Students must complete the prerequisite swim and exercises on the scheduled date in order to be issued a seat in the course.



Please contact Rance Massengill  at 850-718-2440 if you have any questions regarding lifeguard certification.  In order to be registered in the course, course fees must be paid; otherwise, you will not be considered a registered member of the course.

Chipola College Swimming Courses

Learn to swim at the Chipola Pool!  Swim classes are scheduled throughout the summer for ages 4 and up.  Only pre-registered students are guaranteed a spot in the class.  Private lessons may be available by request.  View our Swimming Lessons Brochure here.

Chipola College reserves the right to consolidate or cancel any class due to insufficient pre-registration. Please follow the link to the registration form.

General Swim Sessions:

Deadline Session Date Class Time

The course fee is $55; there is a $5 late registration fee.  Spaces are limited; register early.  You may submit your registration form and fees at the Chipola pool.

Levels of Ability:

Students age 4 and up will be tested and placed in a level during the first class.  The levels are as follows:  
          Pre-school Swimming, Beginner Swimming, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate Swimming, and Advanced Swimmer.

Adult Swim Courses:

Adult swim classes can be scheduled at the request of five or more students.

Parent/Infant Courses:

A parent/infant swim course will be offered during the summer.

Swim Team

Marianna Swim Team competes in five invitational swim meets for swimmers 4-18 years of age.  The season starts in May and ends the first week of August.

Swim team practice is from 5:00-6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Swim team members and family may purchase a season pass for the pool.  Pricing is as follows:  $100 for a family of three
or $120 for a family of four.  There will be a $10 additional charge per child.  For pass details, please visit the 
season pass information page.

Swimming Course Registration Form

To register for swim course sessions, please complete the form below and submit it, along with your $55 course fee, using the following directions:

1. Give student information on the form.  (If the student is a young child, the parent may complete, print,
    and sign the form.)
2. Please do NOT fill the box for office use only.
3. Please choose the session and time preferred for class.
4. Send completed registration form and check for $55.00 made payable to Chipola College.
   Please include Drivers License number on your check.
5. Mail to:  
            Chipola College
            c/o Rance Massengill
            3094 Indian Circle
            Marianna, Fl. 32446.
6. Or you can bring your completed form and pay at the Pool.
7. For more information call Rance Massengill at 718-2440 or 718-2473.




Swim Registration Form

Form can not be submitted online.  Please print and return.

  Session #   Time:10 a.m. 7 p.m.
Student Name:
Please Print
Social Security #
Address: Phone:
City: State:
Zip Code:
  SEX: Male Female

ETHNIC ORIGIN: (Required by Federal Gov't)
Asian Pacific      American Indian/Alaskan Native 
Black, Non Hispanic  Hispanic   Resident Alien White


  Yes    No    If so, date received

Which of the following options best describes your current situation?

I am taking this course to learn skills related to my current occupation.
I am taking this course to learn skills related to A new employment field.
I am taking this course for non work-related reasons

I declare under penalty punishable by law as a misdemeanor under section 837.06 F.S. that the foregoing is true and correct.

Parent Signature: ___________________________         Date

Print Parent Name:  _________________________________

PAID BY Cash  Check mastercard.gif (1051 bytes)  visa.gif (262 bytes)
Account Number 
Expiration Date 
Cardholder's Name 

Cardholder's Signature________________________________
Fees: $55.00
Receipt No
. ____________________

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