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Academic Brain Bowl

2017-18 Competition Results                                                                                                                   

Chipola Full Team 
Chipola Team A

Chipola A team successfully defended Chipola’s 2016 title by winning the Delta Burke this past weekend. The A team cleared the 24-team field by posting a 11-0 record on its way to the title. The Chipola A team had no trouble in the preliminary rounds finishing 5-0, and then went on to defeat every team in the championship bracket including Chipola B, which finished 2nd in the tournament with a 10-1 record. Chipola B’s only loss was to Chipola A. This is the first time in tournament history that 2 teams from the same school have finished 1st and 2nd. Chipola has won the Delta Burke a record breaking 8 times.

Chipola A team members were: Hunter Davis, Katie Everett, and Alex Tharp.

Chipola B team members were: Turner McCroan and Hayden Church.

Three Chipola players finished in the top ten individually: Turner McCroan (1st), Hunter Davis (3rd), and Katie Everett (10th).

Chipola had 10-1 record at the Erik Korray Open, losing only to powerhouse high school team Buchholz out of Gainesville. The Chipola team of Hunter Davis, Turner McCroan, Katie Everett, and Alex Tharp entered the NAQT Community College record books in this tournament by having the 4th and 10th best individual points per game of all time for community college quiz bowl.

Turner McCroan finished 5th in individual scoring and Hunter Davis finished 8th.

Chipola A and Chipola B finished 1st and 2nd respectively at the Florida Gateway Collegiate Open held in Lake City. The Chipola A team consisted of Hunter Davis and Turner McCroan and Chipola B team consisted of Katie Everett and Alex Tharp. The teams finished with a 7-0 and a 6-1 record.

Five Chipola players finished in the top 10 overall:  Hunter Davis (1st), Katie Everett (3rd), Alex Tharp (6th), Hayden Church (7th) and Turner McCroan (8th).

Hunter Davis recorded the 11th best overall individual performance for points per game in community college history by averaging 120.7 points per game, which means he was almost answering 13 out of the 20 tossups being asked per game. 8 of the top 10 performances of all time are held by Chipola’s Kelson brothers, Paul and Dallin.

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