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The College provides a variety of opportunities for you to participate in individual and team sports through its intramural programs.  These programs enrich your total educational experience by helping to build friendships and by providing valuable social skills.  Watch for announcements throughout the year concerning various tournaments and competitions.


The intramural department encourages on-campus clubs to form their own intramural teams and compete against other club teams in team and individual sports.  Those individuals not belonging to a specific club and wanting to compete may submit their own team roster comprised of currently enrolled Chipola students.  Others will be directed to a team captain or placed on a new team roster.


T-shirts are awarded to the winners of both team and individual events.  Some individual sport competitions may have other prizes donated by local area merchants.

Team Sports: Individual Sports:
Flag-Football Golf
Volleyball Racquet Ball
Softball  Tennis
Swimming Foolish Frolics  (Impromptu contests)
Basketball  Skills Contests   (Free throw, homerun derby, etc.)


For more information, contact:

Rance Massengill


(850) 718-2440



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