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Chipola has 4 major Semesters:

  • Fall –  last part of August to the middle of December
  • Spring – January to first week of May
  • Summer I – Around 2nd week of May to latter part of June
  • Summer II – Around last part of June until early August


Chipola has  3 Terms during each Semester:

  • All = will display courses for all the different terms.
  • Term A = 16 Weeks
  • Term B = Frist 8 Weeks
  • Term C = Second 8 Weeks


Course should match the Course Number (dept., number, section) shown on the Course Schedule.  First 3 characters denote the Course’s Department; next 4 characters are the Course Number and the last 3 are the Course Section  i.e. ENC 1101 001 = English 1101 section 001.

  • Sections 7xx indicates the course is an online course
  • Sections 8xx indicates the course is a Term B course
  • Sections 9xx indicates the course is a Term C course


The Choices for Display are:

  • All Courses – Every Course scheduled for the Semester
  • Open Courses – Only Courses that are still have space available
  • Closed Courses – Only Courses that no longer have space available
  • Night Courses - Only Courses that are offered after 4pm
  • Friday Courses - Only Courses that are offered on Fridays
  • Saturday Courses - Only Courses that are offered on Saturdays


  • TBA means To Be Arranged or To Be Announced.
  • Days of the week are indicated by M, Monday; T, Tuesday; W, Wednesday; R, Thursday; F, Friday; S, Saturday.
  • See Campus Map for Buildings letter designations.


Class Periods

  • Regular class periods on Monday through Friday are 50 minutes long with ten minutes between the end of one period and the beginning of the next. A few classes meet 75 minutes.
  • Classes scheduled to begin later than 4 p.m. vary in length depending upon the credit involved, the nature of the course, and the number of meetings per week. Unless laboratory or similar activities are involved, evening classes meet 50 minutes per week for each semester hour of credit.
  • Laboratory or similar activities will involve 100 minutes or more per week per semester hour.
  • The 10 to 11 a.m. period on Wednesdays is reserved as an Activity Period—a time for organizations and intramurals to meet.
  • Times shown are Central Standard.
  • Any course listed with the section 400 is an independent study course. Any course listed with the section 700 is an online course.