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Eligibility Guidelines and
How to Use the Registration Help Screen

Eligibility Guidelines for Web Registration:

Chipola College students have the option of registering for classes on the Web. If a student has been cleared for registration and has obtained a PIN number, web registration may be available. Testing requirements must be met prior to web registration. Remember, to sign on to web registration, a student ID number and a PIN are required. The following restrictions prohibit students from registering on the web:

  1. Students who have less than 12 credit hours at Chipola College.

  2. Students who have not declared a major.

  3. Students who have changed their major.

  4. Students who have a restriction placed on their records, i.e. financial obligation, Business Office, Library etc.

  5. Students taking remedial courses.

  6. First time in college students.

  7. Dual Enrollment Students

  8. Early Admit Students

  9. Students utilizing the State Employee Fee Waiver

  10. Students who have cumulative GPA less than 2.0

To Begin the Registration Process:

1.      Type Student ID (Social Security Number).  Press the tab key.
      Type PIN (Personal Identification Number).  Press the tab key.
      Choose the Semester for which to enroll, press the tab key (with the exception of the summer terms, only one choice will be available at the time).
      Click on Verify PIN to continue.

If any of the fields above are not complete, a warning window will pop up explaining the error.

If the Student ID and/or PIN are not correct, please check the Student ID first.  If it is correct, retype the PIN.  If the same error persists, visit the Records and Admissions Office to change the PIN.  For information about your original PIN, click here

If another message is displayed, click here for detailed information.

Once the system verifies your information, a new form will be displayed below your Student ID, Name and Semester.  Please verify the information.

To Register:

Add the course information to the form. The form is divided into three parts: the department prefix, the course number and the section number (you will need to tab to move between fields). You will then have to choose between Add and Delete. For example, to register for English 1101 section 001, you will key in the following:
ENC (tab), 1101 (tab), 001 (tab), then choose 'Add' from the drop-down menu.  The following is a screen shot of Intro. to Microcomputer Use (CGS 1060 001).

You may enter up to 12 courses.  However, you can not total more than 18 hours for Fall and Spring, or 9 hours for Summer Sessions without consent from the Admissions Office.  If you try to register for more hours you will receive an Excess Hours error message; for more information about the excess hours message click here.

When you are finished entering your courses, click the Submit button to finalize the registration.  If you want to clear the entries and start again, click the Reset button.

If the registration was successful, you will see a message indicating the number of hours you have registered for and how much your fees are.  

If there is a problem with your registration, you will see a message next to courses that have a problem.  For a list of error messages click here.

To Drop a Class:

If you wish to drop a class, click on the drop down menu and choose Delete.  You can drop multiple classes at the same time.  Once you have selected all the classes to be dropped, click on the Submit button to finalize the process.  You will see a message indicating how many classes you have left and how much you owe.


You can clear old errors by clicking the Submit button.  The classes you have enrolled in will be redisplayed and the error courses will be removed.

When you have completed the Registration Process, click FINISH.

To view most common error messages, click here.