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CCTV - Chipola College TV


Chipola College Television is the media that our college hosts to share in activities at our institution and events in the surrounding communities. Several hours a day, local cable companies provide time to meet the goals of Chipola College.

 CCTV can also be viewed twenty four hours a day. Programs consist of theatre productions, music department programs, “Chipola Talks” a local show to promote local events and happenings, baseball, and softball games, graduations, honor presentation, special guest presenting on CC campus and lots of other locally produced programs.

The staff is one full time, one part time, and few student workers who work hard to meet the demand of producing, broadcasting, duplicating and distribution of programs benefiting to the Chipola family and the surrounding counties.

Phone number: (850) 718-2454
Chipola College: (850) 526-2761

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