Student Spotlight - Candace Cunningham


My major is Elementary Education.
I chose Elementary Education because I love working with children, and I have always been very passionate about education. I have had many teachers make a huge impact on my life, and I hope I am able share the same wisdom and knowledge with my future students. The children are our future, so we must teach them right and let them lead the way. 
I would say that Chipola is an amazing college to attend. I started Chipola in 2016, and I didn’t know what to expect. I am a first-generation college student, so I didn't have any family members to guide me or show me the ropes. The faculty and staff at Chipola were there to help me, and answer any questions I may have.
My favorite instructor at Chipola is Dr. JuJuan Clark. Dr.Clark is a former Chipola student, teacher, coach, and principal. He has worn many different hats, and he is able to help future educators with any questions that they may have. He is always willing to help and provide guidance when necessary. He has truly been an inspiration to me and the other students. 
My favorite class at Chipola was English 1102 with Ms. Amie Myers. Ms. Myers taught me how to dig deep into literature pieces and get a deeper understanding of what the authors or poets are trying to get the reader to understand. She did it in a very clear and engaging way. I wanted to attend any class Ms. Myers was teaching because I knew I was going to be in for a treat. The skills she taught me are used any time I read a piece of literature. 
After Chipola, I hope I can find employment in Jackson County. I want to gain teaching experience and become an effective educator. After I have taught for some years, I would love to further my education and earn a Master’s degree.