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Accessing Grades and Unofficial Transcripts

(Unofficial transcripts are not available for students enrolled prior to January 2015.  See instructions for Official Transcripts.)


Signing On


1)      Http://

2)      Type in your User Name (upper right corner of the window).  This is your college network username, NOT your college email address. Example:  If your college email address is, then your college network username is knightlyk1234.

3)      Type in your Password.  This is the password you use when signing onto the college network.

4)      Click the  button.



Checking Grades

1)      Click on the STUDENTS tab.  

2)      In the section of the window entitled “My Grade Report”, choose a term from the dropdown menu.

3)      Click on the “View Final Grade Report” link.

4)      A webpage should open showing all your courses and grades for the term you selected.  Please note:  A final grade of “WIP” means “Work In Progress”.  Simply stated, “WIP” means no grade has been posted yet.



Viewing Unofficial Transcripts

5)      Click on the STUDENTS tab.  

6)      In the section entitled “My Unofficial Transcript”, click on the “View Unofficial Transcript” link.

7)      A webpage should open showing all your courses and grades by term.




All transcript requests must be made in writing by the student and have the student's signature. Chipola does not accept transcript request by phone or email.

Transcripts can be mailed or picked up as indicated on the request, or electronically sent between certain participating Florida schools. Please allow 3-5 working days for processing. Grades and transcripts cannot be given out over the phone, e-mailed or faxed.

Last revised February 24, 2016

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