African-American History I

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An introductory course designed to acquaint students with, and stimulate interest in, the culture and history of the African-American. Emphasis is on the origins, struggles, fears, aspirations, and achievements of African-Americans. This course has been designated as an international/diversity course.


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No prerequisite, but either AMH 2010-2020 or SYG 1000-1010 is recommended.



James A. Padgett, M.A.

Mary McClendon

Robert Ivey

Richard Ivey


Required textbooks/ course materials:

Hine, Darlene, Hine, William and Harrold, Stanley C. The African American Odyssey REVEL. 7th ed. Vol. 1. 2018. Pearson. ISBN: 9780134484501


Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

SS-1 Identify behaviors and social trends, using appropriate research methodologies.

SS-2 Identify global influences on social, behavioral, and historical issue.

SS-3 Examine significant historical events.

SS-4 Identify differences and commonalities within diverse cultures.


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods

Analyze the origins of mankind as it evolved into West Africa's unique heritage and assess the facets of its culture that have influenced the lives of African-Americans. 

Describe the experience of the Middle Passage and the effect of slavery on American History.

Develop an appreciation for the role of class and gender in the shaping of America.

Explain why the Civil War was perceived as a “total war” and evaluate its results.

Develop an appreciation for the contributions that African-Americans have made to the development of America and the world in general.

SS-1, SS-2, SS-4

SS-2, SS-4

SS-2, SS-3, SS-4

SS-1, SS-2, SS-4

SS-3, SS-4

Unit Tests, Final Exam, Skills Demonstration, Writing Assignments, Projects, Documented Essays


Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

Faculty lecture and discussion are the primary methods of instruction. The class will discuss material contained in the text and include outside sources. PowerPoint presentations enhance the course with images of the discussed topics. The student is responsible for reading the chapters in the text, as well as outside assigned reading. A study guide is provided to aid the student in following the materials discussed and found in the chapter reading.

Faculty office appointments will be made to discuss progress, as needed.

Faculty will encourage students to make use of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE Lab) to enhance their acquisition of African American History.

On occasion experiential learning may be made available to augment the learning process.


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