Legal Environment of Business

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BUL 2131

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Course Description:
This is a survey course in the study of the legal environment of business. This class provides an overview of the major areas of the law that shape the environment in which a business operates. Areas covered include an introduction to law and the legal system, contracts, sales of goods and commercial paper under the UCC, property, agency and employment, business organizations, bankruptcy, and consumer protection.

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As assigned


Required textbooks/ course materials:

Beatty/Samuelson, Introduction to Business Law (w/MindTap), 7th ed., Cengage Publishing, 2023. ISBN: 9780357724910.

Cengage Unlimited:

  • 1-semester subscription: ISBN 9780357700006
  • 1-year subscription: ISBN 9780357700013
  • 2-year subscription: ISBN 9780357700020


Assignment/course outline:

The following topics will be covered in this course at the discretion of the instructor:     

  • Introduction to Law     
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility     
  • Courts, Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution     
  • Constitutional, Statutory, Administrative, and Common Law      
  • Intentional Torts and Business Torts      
  • Negligence and Strict Liability     
  • Criminal Law and Procedure     
  • International Law     
  • Introduction to Contracts     
  • Legality, Consent, and Writing     
  • Conclusion to Contracts     
  • Practical Contracts     
  • Sales and Product Liability     
  • Negotiable Instruments     
  • Secured Transactions     
  • Bankruptcy     
  • Employment Law, Employment Discrimination, Labor Law     
  • Starting a Business: LLCs and Other Options  
  • Corporations     
  • Government Regulation: Securities and Antitrust     
  • Accountants' Liability     
  • Consumer Law, Environmental Law, Cyberlaw     
  • Intellectual Property, Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Law, Personal Property and Bailment

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

B-1 Demonstrate knowledge of the principles, practices and supervisory responsibilities of management, and ethical and legal issues in a business environment.   

B-2 Apply general business workplace competencies, including employability skills and office computer skills. 

B-3 Understand business concepts, such as accounting, HR, marketing and organization.  

B-4 Communicate effectively in oral and written form, exhibit college level computation and problem-solving skills, and interact appropriately with people of other cultures or backgrounds.



Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods
Synthesize knowledge pertinent to the history of the business legal environment

BA-1, BA-2, BA-3, BA-4

Homework, tests, quizzes
Evaluate different areas of the law

BA-1, BA-2, BA-3, BA-4

Homework, tests, quizzes
Formulate legal issues in factual scenarios

BA-1, BA-2, BA-3, BA-4

Homework, tests, quizzes
Defend how legal and ethical issues overlap and conflict

BA-1, BA-2, BA-3, BA-4

Homework, tests, quizzes
Support different levels of the American legal system

BA-1, BA-2, BA-3, BA-4

Homework, tests, quizzes
Propose how different legal concepts affect the business environment.  

BA-1, BA-2, BA-3, BA-4

Homework, tests, quizzes



Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

  1. Attend and participate in class regularly.
  2. Read all assigned material before class.
  3. Study in-class notes and online (Canvas) materials.
  4. Complete assigned projects in a timely manner to enable reflections and revisions on the final product.
  5. Participate in discussions.
  6. Demonstrate your mastery of the required skills on quizzes, exams, etc.
  7. Complete all assignments with promptness and accuracy.
  8. All written documents as well as online assignments must be completed using correct grammar, spelling, and structure.


The grading breakdown is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.


up to 40%

Test (which includes Midterm and Final) 

up to 60%

Assignments, Projects and/or Labs     

up to 40%


up to 20%


Please see your first day handout for individual instructor grading schemes.


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