Introduction to Corrections

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An examination of the total correctional processes from law enforcement through the administration of justice, probation, prisons, and correctional institutions, and parole history and philosophy, career oriented.


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Terri Whitehead

Virginia "Ginger" Hicks

Lynn Wimberly


Required textbooks/ course materials:

Clear, T. et.al. American Corrections, Loose-Leaf Version with MindTap. 12th Edition. Boston: Cengage learning, 2019. Print. ISBN: 9781337606851


Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

SS-01.0 Describe and discuss the Criminal Justice System

SS-07.0 Describe and discuss the Field of Corrections

SS-12.0 Demonstrate oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills

SS-13.0 Demonstrate basic computer skills and competency in common software applications


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods

List the procedures an offender undergoes in his/her progression through the system.

Define the primary components of criminal justice and their primary responsibilities.

Analyze the history and evolution of corrections.

Identify contemporary sentencing guidelines.

Contrast the concepts of probation and parole.

Explain the different models for the rehabilitation of offenders such as educational, vocational and therapeutic.

SS-01.05, SS-12.0, SS-13.0

SS-01.01, SS-12.0, SS-13.0

SS-07.01, SS-12.0

SS-07.07, SS-12.0

SS-07.09, SS-12.0

SS-07.16, SS-12.0, SS-13.0

Tests, Quizzes, Cumulative Final, Writing Assignments, Reports/Presentations



Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

  • Read all assigned materials
  • Attend and participate in class discussions
  • Complete study guides and notes from class discussions and lectures.
  • All courses taught under the auspices of the Social and Behavioral Scines will include an oral component, oral presentations, and or classroom discussions. Note: Online and Distance Learning courses will not contain the oral component.
  • Lecture
  • Role Play
  • Videos
  • Tests

Chapters are as follows:

  1. The Corrections System
  2. The Early History of Correctional Thought and Practice
  3. The History of Corrections in America
  4. Contemporary Punishment
  5. The Law of Corrections
  6. The Correctional Client
  7. Jails: Detention and Short-Term Incarceration
  8. Probation
  9. Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections
  10. Incarcerations
  11. The Prison Experience
  12. The Incarceration of Women
  13. Institutional Management
  14. Institutional Programs
  15. Release from Incarceration
  16. Making It: Supervision in the Community
  17. Corrections for Juveniles
  18. Incarceration Trends
  19. Race, Ethnicity and Corrections
  20. The Death Penalty
  21. Immigration and Justice
  22. Community Justice
  23. American Corrections: Looking Forward


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