Course Code: CJK0012V

Credit Hours: 62 clock hours

Effective beginning: 2021-22


Course Description:
This course is a component of the Law Enforcement Florida CMS Basic Recruit Academy. It is designed to introduce the student to the Criminal Justice System, the Chain-of-Command System in Law Enforcement, Constitutional Law, Florida Statutes, and the Police Code of Ethics. This course includes classroom instruction and scenario-based training exercises.

Course Details


This course is open only to students admitted to the Law Enforcement Florida CMS Basic Recruit Academy. 




Required textbooks/ course materials:

Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training, Volume 1 Author: Florida Department Of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Standards And Training Commission Publisher: Xanedu


Assignment/course outline:

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Law

Lesson 1: Evolution of Laws

Student Course Summary

Lesson 2: Focus on Constitutional Law

Lesson 3: Classification of Offenses

Unit 2: Legal Concepts

Lesson 1: Standards of Legal Justification

Role-play Exercise #1: Standards of Legal Justification

Lesson 2: Search and Seizure

Role-play Exercise #2: Search and Seizure

Lesson 3: Laws of Arrest

Lesson 4: Use of Force

Lesson 5: Laws of Interrogation

Unit 3: Substantive Criminal Law

Lesson 1: Criminal Intent

Instructor Material

Lesson 2: Elements of Crimes

Role-play Exercise #3: Elements of Crimes

Lesson 3: Levels of Criminal Involvement

Instructor Material

Lesson 4: Legal Defenses to Criminal Responsibility

Lesson 5: Evidence Rules and Concepts

Unit 4: Civil and Criminal Liability

Lesson 1: Civil and Criminal Liability

Unit 5: Response to Civil Issues

Lesson 1: Response to Civil Issues

Unit 6: Juvenile Law

Lesson 1: Juvenile Law


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

CJK 0012V, Legal, is an approved course by Florida Department of Law Enforcement for the purpose of Law Enforcement Certification.


Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods

Understand the Fourth Amendment related to search and seizure

Know what constitutes a lawful arrest

Be able to articulate the legal justification for the use of force

Understand the Fifth and Sixth Amendments related to interrogation of suspects

Determine when a crime has been committed and the elements necessary to make an arrest for

that crime

Understand the legal rules and concepts of evidence

Understand civil and criminal liability related to an officer’s performance of duties

Understand an officer’s duties and options in civil (noncriminal) incidents

Be familiar with the legal considerations when dealing with juveniles

LAW-EN Outcome 1:

Demonstrate mastery of Law Enforcement knowledge and skills.

LAW-EN Outcome 2:

Demonstrate safety skills appropriate for employees in a Law Enforcement work setting.

LAW-EN Outcome 3: 

Apply critical thinking and problem solving proficiency as appropriate for employees in a Law Enforcement work setting.

LAW-EN Outcome 4:

Demonstrate team building, interpersonal, and ethical skills as appropriate for employees in a Law Enforcement work 

LAW-EN Outcome 5:

Demonstrate leadership, organizational, and professional skills appropriate for employees in a Law Enforcement workplace.

LAW-EN Outcome 6:

Demonstrate skills required for state certification and employment as a law enforcement officer. 




  • Lecture
  • Role Play
  • Videos
  • Quizzes

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