Manufacturing and Production Maintenance

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150 clock hours

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Course Description:
The Manufacturing and Production Maintenance course prepares students for entry into the advanced manufacturing industry. Content emphasizes beginning skills key to the success of working in the manufacturing industry. Students study mechanisms; AC/DC electrical control; programmable logic control; fluid power; maintenance of technological systems; and exploration of career opportunities.


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Caleb Rogers
850-718-2321 (office), 850-703-2932 (cell)


Required textbooks/ course materials:

Shawn A. Ballee, Gary R. Shearer, Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics.  G-W Publishing, ISBN: 9781635634273.

The lectures and lab skills will be content from Amatrol LMS.


Assignment/course outline:

This course is competency-based and self-paced using handouts, LMS, computer-assisted instruction and instructor demonstrations.

  • Attending classes
  • Completing reading and computer assignments along with laboratory work
  • Keeping a course notebook
  • Quizzes, tests, homework, and practical exam


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

This course introduces the basics of the manufacturing industry, terminology, and applications used in manufacturing. The topic coverage includes understanding technology, design manufacturing, personal safety, and workplace communication skills.


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods

Demonstrate an understanding of mechanisms

Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of AC/DC electrical and electrical control

Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of Programmable Logic Control

Demonstrate an understanding of fluid power

Demonstrate the abilities to use and maintain technological products and systems

Demonstrate an understanding of employability skills and career opportunities in the fields of advanced manufacturing and engineering technologies

Exhibit ability to measure and calculate data to install and use mechanisms

Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of electronics and electrical circuits

Apply programming skills to design, interpret, and operate a PLC

Demonstrate knowledge to design, connect and operate various fluid power circuits

Exhibit the ability to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot preventative maintenance procedures

Demonstrate the ability to communicate and document maintenance operations and procedures

Students exhibit employability and knowledge of skills as appropriate for employees in industry 

Tests, Quizzes, Final Exams, Skills Performance and Skills Demonstration, Projects, Skills Check


Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

  • In-class lecture and discussion
  • On-line learning management systems
  • Hands-on competency-based labs
  • Assessments


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