Fire Fighter I

Course Code: FFP0010V

Credit Hours: 206 clock hours

Effective beginning: Fall 2020


Course Description:
This course introduces the student to the skills and techniques used in firefighting. Classroom instruction includes a variety of fire related topics. Practical exercises and scenarios are included to enhance classroom instruction and skill development.

Course Details


Allen Clayton
Public Service Building Y
(850) 718-2483


Required textbooks/ course materials:

No textbook required


Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

FFP 0010V is not a general education core course, but is a core Fire Fighter I course.


Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods
  • Introduction
  • Firefighter Safety and Health
  • Fire Behavior
  • Building Construction
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Ropes & Knots
  • Building Search & Victim Removal
  • Forcible Entry
  • Ladders
  • Ventilation
  • Water Supply
  • Hose
  • Water Fire Streams
  • Fire Control
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Loss Control
  • Protecting Fire Scene Evidence
  • Fire Department Communications
  • FL SERC Awareness Level Hazardous Materials
  • Operations Level Hazardous Materials
  • Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
  • Wildland Firefighter Training

FF Outcome 1:  Demonstrate mastery of Firefighter knowledge and skills.

FF Outcome 2:  Demonstrate safety skills appropriate for Firefighters.

FF Outcome 3:  Apply critical thinking/problem-solving and diagnostic skills proficiency as appropriate for employees in a Firefighter’s work setting.

FF Outcome 4:  Exhibit leadership through team building, and professional skills appropriate for employees in a Firefighter’s work setting.

FF Outcome 5:  Demonstrate skills required to become certified and employed as Firefighters.

Tests, Skills Performance and Demonstration, Skills Check-Off


  • Lecture
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Demonstrations
  • Hands on Applications

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