Special Topics in Literature

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Effective beginning:
Spring 2021



Course Description:
Focused study of a specific topic or issues in literature of current interest or of special interest to students or instructors. Topics may vary. May be repeated for up to 9 semester hours of credit.

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Two of the following courses: AML 2010, AML 2020, ENL 2012, ENL 2022


Kurt McInnis

Pam Rentz, Ph.D.

Amie Myers

Rachel West, Ph.D.



Required textbooks/ course materials:

Hamlet, The Arden Shakespeare Publishing, 2nd ed., 2016. ISBN: 9781472518385
Romeo and Juliet, The Arden Shakespeare Publishing, 3rd ed., 2012. ISBN: 9781903436912
A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, The Arden Shakespeare Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 9781408133491
The Crucible, Penguin Classics Publishing, 2016. ISBN: 9780143129479
The Road, Knopf Doubleday Publishing, 2006. ISBN: 9780307387899
The Great Gatsby, Pocket Books Publishing, 2020. ISBN: 9781982146702


Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

LIT 3930 is not a General Education nor an English Education core course.


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods

Analyze assigned texts as sources of cultural, historical, theoretical and creative expression.

Respond to assigned works in a variety of means.

Practice the critical and analytical methodologies of understanding texts.

Recognize the ways in which the assigned texts have affected history and literature.

Read and demonstrate understanding of various literary genres as assigned.

Research literary topics as assigned.

Demonstrate understanding of relevance of content and author to the literature.

Using technology, develop a research-based personal response on a literary topic.

Employ appropriate rhetorical patterns and analysis while demonstrating writing skills.

1 2, 6

3, 6

3, 6

1, 9

1, 2

7, 8

3, 9

6, 8

4, 5

Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Documented Essays, Writing Assignments, Final Exams, Skills Performance and Skills Demonstration, Essays, Projects, Presentations



Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

  • Read all assigned literature.
  • Write analytical papers on the assigned literature.
  • Examine the techniques of writing and style found in the literature.
  • Research the historical significance of the authors and their works.
  • Employ appropriate rhetorical patterns.


College-wide policies and resources

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